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    < CGI-Quality posted something on Zanten's wall:

    Always enjoy reading your posts! Well and thought out in there!

    Thanks, much appreciated! ^^

    on 05 January 2016

    < noname2200 posted something on Zanten's wall:

    Season's greetings! I would like to personally invite you to join this year's PC Secret Santa event, thread link below. Please drop by and help us make this holiday season a bit more merry for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    < rosenice1 posted something on Zanten's wall:

    I want to talk to you

    I will like to discuss something very important with you but you have to contact me with my private mail( )i can send my picture you,

    < Aura7541 posted something on Zanten's wall:

    That was a terrific post and I agree with many of your points. I'll admit that I might be being a bit too harsh on the X1. Also, watch the quote trees so you don't anger the mods :)

    Thanks! Both for the compliment and the warning. x3 I do think that the Xbox One is showing some signs of maybe- God Willing- embracing the idea of pursuing a greater variety in terms of titles, rather than their previously laser-focused dedication to the largest, easiest markets. Compared to Halo and Gears at least, Sunset Overdrive- with its traps that release freakin gnomes with pickaxes- just looks like a tremendous breath of fresh air. Project Spark also looks like an interesting departure from convention, if executed right. As a consumer, actually, the main reason I'm not super interested in the console is a lot of that exclusive content is also popping up on PC, so it remains to be seen what titles I will actually need an Xbox One to play, and which will come to my computer if I just wait patiently.

    How long this new outlook is maintained, however, will likely boil down to how successful stuff like Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, etc ends up being, which is why I really hope it does super well on the platform. Or, failing that for whatever reason, the PS4's continued sales lead spurs Microsoft to keep pushing that envelope. Given their resources, I think they have the potential to contribute a great deal to the gaming world, but have been largely hampered by their obsession with min/maxing cost and profit, which ended up turning the 360 into little more than a Money Machine for them. -_-

    on 18 October 2014

    I really hope MS starts stepping up with the variety. Sunset Overdrive is very different, but looking at retailer sites like Amazon, not many people don't seem to be interested. I hope that they do though. I was also absolutely shocked that Forza Horizon 2 didn't chart in the Top 10 Software in Sept. NPD. I thought it was shoe in considering how well it was received by critics. Project Spark has a lot of potential, but it remains to be seen if MS heavily pushes this game.

    And yeah, I wasn't a fan of how MS treated the 360, especially after the Kinect. I actually believe that this also hurt the X1 and the DRM debacle was the nail in the coffin. You want to transition from gen to gen showing that you care about the consumers.

    on 18 October 2014

    In the case of Sunset Overdrive, it at least looks like pre-orders are accelerating a little, but otherwise doesn't look too sneeze-worthy, so barring some big spike before release, I'm hoping it'll be the sort of title that launches small, but then ramps up in popularity as more and more people hear it's worth the purchase. To be fair, it is a new IP, and is also pretty different from the usual exclusive shooters Microsoft had, so there might be a bit more caution from the fanbase. Either way, with the NPD leak apparently being plugged for now, we might never be sure. xP As for Forza Horizon 2, I'm not even a racing fan beyond the more quirky stuff like Split Second and Mario Kart, so I don't have much opinion on that game, or its sales. x3

    The way I see the DRM thing and all the other things is, most people have a threshold for things that bother them, but they can deal with. So, say, the more extensive use of advertisments, the oddly strict paywall, the shrinking scope of exclusives focus, etc, are things that might irk someone, but they still like what they do play, and so generally just 'deal with it' until it just kind of fades into the background. The mandatory Kinect might have even been one of these things, if it had been the only thing that drew criticism for the Xbox One launch.

    But when something happens that breaks that tolerance- which was essentially the old DRM policies, and the muddled messaging around it- then not only do people get fed up with THAT, they also start to cast a much less forgiving eye on the other things that were a minor pain before. Sort of a 'Well, since we're NOW on the subject of why you're a jerk...' snowball effect. So even after the old policies got reversed (which happened, what, a week after that E3?) many of the people who opposed it had decided 'No, y'know what? **** you. **** you sideways.'

    It's why Microsoft's made so many changes to stuff that they stuck to like glue during the glory days of the 360; stuff that they just got away with before has proven to be a much bigger thorn in their side, because they used up all the shits people had to give.

    on 18 October 2014

    < Smear-Gel posted something on Zanten's wall:

    That comment on the Xbox One in the adjustments thread was top notch. Remembering that for later

    Thanks! Much obliged. ^^

    on 28 August 2014

    < Smeags posted something on Zanten's wall:

    *eats totally-not-sucking-up-to-authority cookie*

    Delicious! :O

    Ahahahaha! :D

    on 28 August 2014

    < Conegamer posted something on Zanten's wall:

    Hey, keep an eye on those quote trees please; no more than three per post

    Mkay, sorry! ^^;

    on 18 July 2014

    Cone pls...

    on 18 July 2014

    You noticed!

    on 18 July 2014

    Do you post the same thing every time, mah Nigge M.C. Coney G?

    on 12 August 2014

    Not every time. But something similar

    on 12 August 2014

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