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    Apple one ups Move. Again.

    in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2010

    step your game up!...

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    CNET Hands-on with Playstation Move

    in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2010

    I assumed the comparison was with the motion plus, which also does not have exact 1-to-1 like the move does....

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    PlayStation Network updates are coming to tuesdays!

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2010

    Mr. sickVisionz said: Ajescent said:except for EU who inexplicably get it on wednesdays ¬_¬ That's basically how it'll be for people in the southeast (probably the entire east coast but I only live in the southeast).  Updates don't come out here until like 9 or 10 pm sometimes. yeah, but if it comes out 9pm eastern, then it can be released the same time...

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    39% Of Gamers Who Plan To Buy GT5 Do Not Yet Own A PS3

    in Sony Discussion on 13 April 2010

    All the trustworthy study shows is that GT5 will be a huge system seller. How is that so shocking that people are making themselves look very foolish trying to discredit the poll?...

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    Gears of War 3 Trailer on Late night with Jimmy Fallon.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 April 2010

    new enemy can morph into tentacle creatures while you fight them...hum...sounds like RE. Nice trailer though.  I just wish the story of the game lived up to the music choices they make for their trailers....

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    The best game made into a movie

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2009

    Majin-Tenshinhan said:The OP is really weirdly worded. If you mean the best video game-based movie then it's definitely the first Mortal Kombat, because it captures the spirit of the game well and is actually pretty good (please note: FIRST MOVIE ONLY).If you mean the best game series that has gotten a movie (which the thread title actually sounds like), then I'd say Mario Bros. followed by...

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    why do people think square enix made FFX?

    in Sony Discussion on 20 December 2009

    2 RPG companies is this hard......

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    As it turns out, I don't have the willpower to resist NSMBWii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 November 2009

    Khuutra said:Have you bought Metroid Prime Trilogy yet!? Overrated. Anyway, I'm excited to know that NMH2 is coming out in January, apparently?  I've been out of touch with video games, lately......

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    Miyamoto on lack of online support in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 November 2009

    shadowD said:i dont know how much i'd play this online anyway. I would.  I would have played Double Dash online, too....

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    I just realized that Nintendo is abusing their most loyal fans

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 November 2009

    Joelcool7 said: Man an unbiased report from Rol. Wow I knew Nintendo sold out the hardcore the day Nintendo said they were no longer competing with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo said themselves they were going after the BlueOcean and not the hardcore that Sony and Microsoft were after. Nintendo specifically said they were going after casuals and I knew from day one that I was probubly...

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    PS3 hardware races up the charts after price cut

    in Sony Discussion on 20 August 2009

    good, now everyone that is buying a new PS3 get KZ2....

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    in Sony Discussion on 04 June 2009

    I just want to point out that 16GB sticks cost about $70, so the PSP Go is a good deal if you want 16gb that it comes with. Otherwise, there's still the PSP 3000.Great show overall....

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    New Metal Gear Solid for PSP announced!

    in Sony Discussion on 01 June 2009

    Well, if true, that's still great news. Portable Ops 1 was awesome....

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    Metal Gear TIMER ends on June 1st -- HAS MS NABBED MGS5????

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2009

    I'm going with #3....

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    Famitsu will reveal a "new Metal Gear" for a Sony platform on May 30

    in Sony Discussion on 22 May 2009

    and the best series in videogame history continues......

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    Sony Yellow Light Of Death Hits

    in Sony Discussion on 20 May 2009

    Looks to me that Feylic is getting a new house....

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    Sony Yellow Light Of Death Hits

    in Sony Discussion on 19 May 2009

    happened to me last month. If you don't back up your data from your HD, you are screwed. The HD, once it's formatted for the PS3, will only work with that motherboard. If you have to replace the motherboard or CPU (in reality they just send you a different PS3), then you lose all of your data. The data is encrypted and hasn't been cracked yet. You can't use a PC. You can't use another PS3. ...

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    Kojimas new game has another countdown... and a new picture.

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 May 2009

    heh, awesome. I love Kojima....

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    How not to look like a dickhead in Killzone 2

    in Sony Discussion on 08 May 2009

    Pristine20 said: Mirson said: Pristine20 said: Mirson said: KLucifer said: there is one more dickhead....medics....yes medic....u run out of ur like ehhh watever...let me respawn...but NOOOOO....medics revive you... I hate that too. I'm practically the only one who uses the small machinegun, and it's difficult to find ammo for...

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    Pick Starcraft's three PS3 games.

    in Sony Discussion on 08 May 2009

    mztazmz said: "As you all know, I am the first to recognise the gaming supremacy of the Xbox 360, as should you all." After reading this, there was no reason to read any further. It's bad enough that you equate a console with the highest hardware failure rate in gaming history as "supreme", but to insult our intelligence by claiming that we should agree with your ridiculous opinion is...

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