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    Are the "PC Master Race" days over?

    in PC Discussion on 07 January 2020 by Conina

    Cerebralbore101 said: Can you imagine there being five different eShops on Switch? One for each major publisher? Now imagine there being a crapshoot of wildly varying DRM and EULA policies per store. If any other platform had the ridiculousness of storefronts that PC has, it would get laughed out of the park. But because it's PC we are all going to give it a pass? Can you imagine...

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    Xbox Empire - Closed

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 January 2020 by Ryuu96

    End of one Empire, start of a new one. Credit to @shikamaru317 for stepping up and creating Republic of Xbox after Jaywood's Empire closed, you did a great job with the thread, especially during a rocky generation. Reached 28,061 Posts! Thanks to everyone who contributed, now time to move onto a new Empire and hopefully a great future! Bye Xbox Empire/Republic of Xbox! ...

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    Prediction: Horizon Zero Dawn > Zelda BoTW

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2018 by CGI-Quality

    Seems like this is just a redundant topic now, and with other Mods who agree, this was bumped enough and the OP is long gone. ...

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    TYT News: Racists Beat 91-Year-Old Man With Brick

    in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2018 by CosmicSex

    Aeolus451 said: CosmicSex said: Lets look back on this after the fact and see how it turns out.  When you are proven wrong,  and I have little doubt that you will be, I hope that you have enough respect to accept it.  In the same vein, if I am wrong, I will admit it. (Because I am not insane) So be it. This will be entertaining at least. Agreed....

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    XBOX ONE X Owner's Club

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 March 2018 by Machiavellian

    Vasto said: Azzanation said: Played the Sea of Thieves Beta on the X and my god it looks amazing in 4k. 1st party games really do this system justice.   I totally agree.  Enhanced on the X it looks amazing.  I also have to agree that Sea of Thieves looks great.  The art direction really shines when upped to 4K.  Not sure if its rendering...

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    Microsoft pushing EXTREMELY HARD with marketing the one X

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2017 by DonFerrari

    Pemalite said: DonFerrari said: The vapor chamber was only one of the examples, for the size and specialization on the console and expected sales I don't see it hitting 200 USD even in 4 or 5 years for it to be entry level in next gen. So on next gen with simpler HW delivering much more power I don't think it will make sense to keep X1X as the low end. Just like PS3 couldn't be...

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    So um... my Xbox controller has gone crazy.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 November 2017 by barneystinson69

    Goddbless said: barneystinson69 said: Thanks for the replies, but it seems like this thing is beyond what I can fix. Guess I'll be replacing my xbox controller for the 3rd time this holiday... FYI the Elite/Pro controllers aren't much better in terms of quality. I heard the bumpers break easily for bumper jumpers and the rubber grips strech out and fall off after...

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    It's Halloween! Show off your costumes or your kids costumes!

    in General Discussion on 01 November 2017 by plip.plop

    My girls wanted to be Cuphead and Mugman. It was fun making them. ...

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    Microsoft Expected Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Inventory To Last A Week; It Didnít Even Last A Day

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 August 2017 by DonFerrari

    Pemalite said: DonFerrari said: A transparent case could be very interesting for a console, the issue is that over time it will become tarnished and opaque. I have a white transparent Original Xbox and transparent blue Xbox 360.The Original Xbox controller has "tarnished" so it's a legitimate concern, but the console itself is still pristine. (And I still keep it in it's...

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    Detroit: Become Human's script is more than 2,000 pages long! The biggest Quantic Dream-Game

    in Sony Discussion on 13 July 2017 by KazumaKiryu

    BagelBites said: this game looks amazing, cant wait to play it. Yes :) I'm sure, the best Quantic Dream-Game is coming! The poll-result is interesting....

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    CNN reddit situation- Blackmailed user wrong person? BUZZFEED exposing CNN?!

    in Politics Discussion on 09 July 2017 by specialk

    sundin13 said: specialk said: Yeah, calling BS on this. Seriously doubt that anyone has a legal obligation to protect anyone elses Reddit anonymity. For the most part, you are right (from my understanding of the law).  The only real federal laws against doxxing are related to exposing "restricted personal information" of "individuals performing certain official...

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    Xbox Scorpio's Hype Justified by it's Hardware specs

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 June 2017 by Oneeee-Chan!!!

    X1Gates said: true next gen native 4k/60fps goodness arrives this holiday 499 you heard it here first. Checkerboard 4k, 30fps beast for $499.

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    Destiny 2 Might Not Run 4K on Xbox One X

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 June 2017 by dahuman

    For all your 4k 60FPS needs, get a good PC and a decent monitor, kthxbai....

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    Has sea of thieves met its match with Ubisoft skull and bones?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2017 by Goddbless

    S.T.A.G.E. said:   It it seems Ubisoft has decided to take the pieces from black flag and put them into skull and bones. As you well know black flag is is known for its innovation in bring popularity of the pirate battleship mini game. Now it's a full fledged experience beckoning to a larger audience. What do you think?  The best piece was...

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    Prediction on the Scorpio price

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 June 2017 by squibbfire

    yep it was released!...

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    Where is your ancestry?

    in General Discussion on 06 June 2017 by DJjazzyGETH

    English, Irish, German, Scottish, and Swedish, so a cacophany of white haha. My grandfather rather casually slipped a hint that we may be part Cherokee (which my dad had NEVER heard before), but that's yet unconfirmed....

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    Sega has signed a partnership with Microsoft

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 May 2017 by Mr Puggsly

    Burning Typhoon said: Mr Puggsly said: I think that's what interesting about this deal. I'm a long time Sega fan and I still play their stuff from time to time. I would love a new VF or a modern game based on a classic IP. I'm hoping this turns into something like Sega and OG Xbox. A new Virtua Fighter doing a strategy like Killer Instinct ranks high in things I want from...

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    Let's play "I'm a bigger nerd than you because..."

    in General Discussion on 19 May 2017 by DragonRouge

    Knitemare said: VGPolyglot said: For Homecoming? I could get it if it was one of the Team Silent games, but not for that one! Thats the nerdiest part. It was just because was a SH, not because was a good game. Sadly, it was (at least for me) the worst of them all... Still beats sex though :P...

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    Microsoft unveils its own motion controllers for Windows 10 VR

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 May 2017 by Zappykins

    Imaginedvl said: SvennoJ said: Actually the upcoming headsets are just VR. There is no headmounted camera to stream the real world nor is it see through. It connects to MS' new mixed reality platform, yet you'll still need a ($3000) hololens to actually get the AR experience. Those 2 headsets ARE mixed reality ones. They can operate as VR or AR headset. They both have...

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    Sony is going to bring the house DOWN at e3, Best e3 ever conference incoming? Topping last 2 years? Shinnobi tweets!

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 May 2017 by RaptorChrist

    iNathan said: RaptorChrist said: Has Sony ever had a bad E3? At least from my perspective, they have been a consistently awesome company from the very beginning. 2006? Ridge Racer! Ridge... Racer!!!...

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