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    TYT News: Racists Beat 91-Year-Old Man With Brick

    in Politics Discussion on 14 July 2018

    I'm not sure she was a right-wing facist.

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    Microsoft pushing EXTREMELY HARD with marketing the one X

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 November 2017

    They lost a sale last night. A guy was looking for one at the Walmart I was at. I told him that the PS4 Pro is just as good. So he got it. I own both and enjoy them for what they bring even though I lean more favorably towards Xbox, I just love playing games period. ...

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    XBOX ONE X Owner's Club

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 November 2017

    Anybody else surprised how heavy this thing is?...

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    XBOX ONE X Owner's Club

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 November 2017

    Finally picked my Xbox1x at BestBuy at 10 they also had one snes mini left so I bought that as well. All of the xbox1x at my local BestBuy were spoken for via preorder, they only had 1 available on the floor for sale.   ...

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    XBOX ONE X Owner's Club

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 November 2017

    Can't get mine until Best Buy opens up at 10. You guys are so lucky, I also went and bought a 6tb external hard drive on Amazon as well....

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    So um... my Xbox controller has gone crazy.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 November 2017

    Try and use it via USB cable. My elite controller did the exact same thing what you're describing. I used it plugged in for one session was good to go. Whenever my Xbox or PS4 controllers act weird, I plug them in and it syncs right up....

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    It's Halloween! Show off your costumes or your kids costumes!

    in General Discussion on 01 November 2017

    My girls wanted to be Cuphead and Mugman. It was fun making them. ...

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    Microsoft Expected Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Inventory To Last A Week; It Didnít Even Last A Day

    in Microsoft Discussion on 23 August 2017

    shikamaru317 said: XB1 X managed to sell more in just about an hour on Amazon (25 minutes according to Aaron) than PS4 Pro has sold in nearly 8 months. That's right, XB1 X is now ahead of PS4 Pro on Amazon's yearly charts. Imagine how much more it might have sold if MS hadn't underestimated demand? DANG! I enjoy my PS4 Pro. I also preordered a Xbox1X but had to do it...

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    CNN reddit situation- Blackmailed user wrong person? BUZZFEED exposing CNN?!

    in Politics Discussion on 05 July 2017

    Was it Putin?...

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    Detroit: Become Human's script is more than 2,000 pages long! The biggest Quantic Dream-Game

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2017

    I'm sure this is due to the branching storylines in the game. it's a choose your own adventure book in video game format. My guess is that it has maybe 4-5 storylines interwoven....

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    Destiny 2 Might Not Run 4K on Xbox One X

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 June 2017

    So this actually reopens the debate about the 60FPS possible on the Xbox 1x or even the ps4Pro. It seems that it is a design choice to run the game at 30fps on consoles. I say give the option for unlocked framerates for both of them....

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    Has sea of thieves met its match with Ubisoft skull and bones?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 June 2017

    Not even the same game. You never leave your ship in Skull and Bones. Also, it's more of a 5 on 5 PvP game. There's no exploration from the video I watched on it. It makes mention that there will be a single player mode, but how in depth will it be For Honor single player or what? I will say it is an extremely pretty game. But I don't care for multiplayer focused games all that much....

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    Where is your ancestry?

    in General Discussion on 06 June 2017

    Mexican and Korean...

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    Sega has signed a partnership with Microsoft

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 May 2017

    Since SEGA now owns Crytek, is it possible to see RYSE 2?...

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    Let's play "I'm a bigger nerd than you because..."

    in General Discussion on 17 May 2017

    WagnerPaiva said: But I am a bigger nerd than you cause I paid all the expenses of my girlfriend for 11 months, and she was dating another guy for 3 months, saying she was at church while having sex with him. I paid her college, her books, bought her a 500 dollars phone. Which I am still making payments till december.She would date me from 8 to 11, only to go out with the other guy as...

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    Microsoft unveils its own motion controllers for Windows 10 VR

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 May 2017

    Interesting, wonder what average battery life is? ...

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    Sony is going to bring the house DOWN at e3, Best e3 ever conference incoming? Topping last 2 years? Shinnobi tweets!

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 May 2017

    Maybe gameplay for Death Stranding?...

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    Xbox Scorpio's Hype Justified by it's Hardware specs

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 April 2017

    I'm excited about it. I know most on here think the PS4 Pro and Scorpio are useless because next gen is coming soon anyway. I have a feeling that the Ps4Pro and Scorpio are going to extend this gen out a little longer. I don't think either Sony or Microsoft talks about next gen for at least 5 years 4 the earliest. They are going to want to make as much back as possible on these systems. I...

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    Is the Scorpio next gen?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 April 2017

    Not next gen just a mid-gen refresh that corrected problems with current systems. Clearly, the goal here was to make a developer friendly system. I'm excited about this system and will definitely be picking it up. I picked up a PS4Pro when it dropped because I wanted a better experience and it delivers that in spades compared to the OG PS4. Scorpio is going to offer a better experience than the...

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    Prediction on the Scorpio price

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2017

    I'm hoping $399 but I agree with others that have said $499. I hope Microsoft anticipates a ps4Pro price drop to $350 and prices it at $399. $150 price gap is going to hurt it at retail stores....

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