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    Predict When will Ps4 Outsell Wii

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 May 2020 by PotentHerbs

    This thread is hilarious. ...

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    PS5 GDC Reveal and PS5 specs/performance Digital Foundry Video analysis : 3.5 Ghz 8 core Zen 2 CPU along with 10.3 TF RDNA 2 RT capable and 16GB GDDR6 RAM and also super crazy fast 5.5 GB/Second S

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2020 by twintail

    KBG29 said: Ryotsu said: I wonder if I can play 4k 60fps with a 4k tv with HDMI 2.0 Yes, base HDMI 2.0 supports 4K/60 wat if my TV supports 120 at 1080P. Could I play Dirt 5 (that's the new one?) in the 120 mode the game supports? ...

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    PS5 vs XSeX: Understanding the Gap

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2020 by CGI-Quality

    Conina said: CGI-Quality said: PC gamers care less about convenience and cost (many of them, anyway). That's something always thrown about, but means little in the end. If you want the superior experience, you build a gaming PC.  On top of that (I always have to say this too) the Steam survey tracks a fraction of the segment of PC gamers out there. Just based on the...

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    PS5 Coming at the End of 2020 According to Analyst: High-Spec Hardware for Under $500

    in Sony Discussion on 23 February 2020 by Keiji

    Radek said: Nate4Drake said: Credible Insider Says PS5 Is Targeting 12 Tflops.'m getting mad, when the official announcement... PS5 sounds much more impressive in 2020 than PS4 did in 2013. Look, even 2020 games still run in 1080p on PS4, it aged well imo but PS5 is gonna be a beast! Next gen could last even 8 years for all I...

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    Switch vs PS4 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 January 2020 by tripenfall

    It's time to close this thread. Although the sales figures on VG Chartz only go until December 28th I think that's close enough for the purpose of this topic. In 2019 the Switch has sold 20.2 million consoles compared to the PS4 with 14.1 million, therefore Switch wins by 6.1 million. At this time 35.59% of people had accurately predicted this result on the OP poll. The most popular poll...

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    What do yo think will be the hardware specifications of PS5 if it arrives arround 2019-2020?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2019 by Trumpstyle

    haxxiy said: Trumpstyle said: That's a lot of random numbers you got in your post. First I believe both Xbox and PS5 will have 44CU's and if AMD made a 48CU's discrete Gpu I expect that to have a die size of 270-280mm2. We know from Flute leaked that Sony very likely has 8mb GameCache instead of 32MB found in 3700x, this reduces the Zen2 from 70mm2 to 40mm2. Your numbers for...

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    Days Gone Opencritic 72 Metacritic 72

    in Sony Discussion on 23 July 2019 by Cerebralbore101

    John2290 said: I deleted this out of convenience over not moving files to my HDDs. I regret it so much, I miss it even though I've platinumed it, played the first half twice and done post story content. What I'd do to start a new game if only it wasn't near 70 gigs now and stormy weather outside. Pity. This is part of why I buy physical. Just downloading a game from GoG can take...

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    PS4 has just left the Wii behind with 96.8 M Ship. in this fiscal year compared to Wiis 95.85

    in Sales Discussion on 26 April 2019 by Hiku

    Closed due to duplicate thread:

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    Playstation 4 is the 2nd best selling home console ever in the "Rest of the World"

    in Sales Discussion on 05 March 2019 by 0D0

    I also reckon that Sony usually care more about the rest of the world than Microsoft and Nintendo....

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    [OFFICIAL] Resident Evil 2 REMAKE Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 February 2019 by haxxiy

    Mospeada21CA said: d21lewis said:'s a quote from the devs: “In terms of the standard difficulty, it does adjust based on player performance. I’d like to believe that you were doing really well and so the difficulty ramped up even more. But we have it tuned so that no matter how well you’re doing, there’s always going to be that sense of dread and...

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    Global Hardware 15 December 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 09 February 2019 by mjk45

    curl-6 said: I don't think it's far fetched to speculate that the Switch's audience is on average older than that of PS4/Xbone. Kids mostly want to play what their older siblings/peers are playing, hence M-rated games like Call of Duty and GTA being swamped by preteens. At that age, the desire to emulate adulthood is a normal part of the maturation process. To a lot of kids aged, say...

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    PS4/XBO/NS - 2017 vs. 2018: Final Results!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 09 February 2019 by DonFerrari

    ironmanDX said: So they made adjustments for the Xbox one based on ZhugeEX's numbers but it's down yoy despite him saying otherwise in his post... Am I missing something? VGC adjusments can be confusing sometimes =p the more weeks they need to retro correct the more confusion... And since MS doesn't give numbers, plus ther companies given very sporadically it becomes hard to pin...

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    Which consoles sold more between lauch day and the launch date of the following generation?

    in Sales Discussion on 06 February 2019 by Cobretti2

    zorg1000 said: CrazyGPU said: So besides mobile consoles, PS2 is the indisputable king of home consoles from gen to next gen.  There is something amazing too from those numbers. PS3 almost stop selling after PS4 was out.  But PS1 sold a lot more reaching more than 100 million units.  Acording to that info PS3 sold like 7 Million more after PS4, but PS1 sold 30...

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    Best Exclusive Games of every year this gen

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 January 2019 by The_Liquid_Laser

    Generation 82012 - Bravely Default/Fantasy Life (tie) 2013 - Super Mario 3D World 2014 - Hyrule Warriors  2015 - Super Mario Maker 2016 - Uncharted 4 2017 - Nier: Automata (it was only on PS4 console at the time, but it was on PC too...may not count) 2018 - SpidermanGeneration 92017 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild2018 - Super Smash Bros....

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    Global Hardware 22 December 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 23 January 2019 by Mandalore76

    CrazyGPU said: Mandalore76 said: You realize that Black Friday, where the PS4 gets a huge amount of sales from, is a Christmas Shopping holiday right?  Also, Switch had a huge launch in March 2017, a non-typical shopping period.  By your logic, PS4 launched in November of it's release year, because it was counting on Christmas purchases, which must only be for kids...

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    PS2 2005 vs PS4 2018 NPD

    in Sales Discussion on 22 January 2019 by zorg1000

    PS2 with a narrow victory...

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    The Football Thread - 17/18 Season

    in Sports Discussion on 19 July 2018 by The Fury

    KiigelHeart said:  I wouldn't mind if we signed another centreback, defensive midfielder and a winger but it's not likely Emery will get everything in one transfer window.  Mertesacker retire? Getting replacements for good centre backs seems hard nowadays. Especially ones that lead because the new one might not....

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    CGI's OFFICIAL Crysis Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 May 2018 by giocomale

    Cool thread. I would like to mention that Crysis + Crysis Warhead is on sale at steam for $ 6.59. Curiously it's even cheaper in some european countries, especially UK. That's a great offer. I bought them both at retail back in the day and had a ton of fun. I bought them again in this sale for the nostalgia and after an hour or so I would say that Crysis still holds up remarkably well. It's...

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    Sony FY2017 - HW 19 Million Sold, SW 246.9 Million Sold. 79 Million Shipped Ending March 31st.

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2018 by DonFerrari

    StarDoor said: JRPGfan said: I must be a conspiracy nut then... cuz it feels like they have done low forecasts every year, and every year they beat them and go "we re so surprised by the support" ect. That's not exactly true. In FY3/2014, Sony projected selling 15 million PS3+PS4 units, and they ended up selling 14.6 million.In FY3/2015, Sony projected selling 17 million...

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    Its 2020 PS5 is native 4k, 8 Tf, 16 GB of ram, RC, 450 USS. would you buy it?

    in Sony Discussion on 24 February 2018 by asqarkabab

    More than 399 no buy...

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