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    NASA will revise the name of celestial bodies

    in Politics Discussion 0 minutes ago by Ka-pi96

    NightlyPoe said: Ka-pi96 said: Seems like a joke post. How exactly are feet are useful measurement? They're not. They're of no more use than metres. They're easily replaceable, as they have been in many countries already. A foot is a very useful measurement that has not been replaced at all.  It just doesn't exist in the metric system.  People use it in the...

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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 43 minutes ago by Captain_Yuri

    RTX 3000 should be announced on September 9th, according to board partner discussions with GamersNexus believe in tech JesusExclusive: NVIDIA Ampere Graphics Cards Partial Specs And Tentative Launch Schedule. Take it with massive amounts of salt as these specs would cost an arm, leg and your...

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    What's morally acceptable to you?

    in General Discussion 47 minutes ago by Jaicee

    padib said: I'm not an opponent of abortion, and I'm not advocating against pro-choice. I'm also not comparing it to the holocaust. I'm not preaching. I also never got anybody pregnant. I also mentioned in my first post that I understand rare cases where the situation is sensitive for a woman and the question needs to be asked. I was, like I said since the beginning,...

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    Ghost of Tsushima sold through 2.4m in its first three days. Lifetime sales expectations (PS4 only)?

    in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago by DonFerrari

    Coolback said: All the people who see over 8 millions sales are totally disillusioned.Isn't even sure that TloU 2 does it. You call others delusioned while thinking TLOU2 won't sell more than 8M? ...

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    YLOD finally bit me

    in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago by BraLoD

    DonFerrari said: BraLoD said: Was it full BC? Didn`t had a PS1 or PS2 original disc to test when I used it regularly, but from what I know only PS1 BC. All PS3 models had PS1 BC, but only some of the original models like yours had PS2 BC. Try to test a PS2 game on it when it gets back, a full BC PS3 is a great piece of hardware. ...

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    Sony Q1 FY2020 (April-June) Results - PS4: 1.9m (LTD: 112.1m) | Best Quarter ever for PlayStation

    in Sony Discussion 2 hours ago by Intrinsic

    mjk45 said: I was basing it on being permanent going forward, but your right silly me, you are also right about price being king, still I was adding it as another reason to be  taken into account, I feel with their talk about moving people onto PS5 at a greater rate than PS4, they will put the brakes on the PS4 by emphasising BC taking away one of the benefits of late gen purchase...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn - Official SCREENSHOTS Thread.

    in Sony Discussion 2 hours ago by GrahfsLament

    CGI-Quality said: While I get your enthusiasm, I have to disagree. For one, features of Uncharted 4 stand toe-to-toe with it (especially character models). Next, the other games you mentioned all have aspects that exceed Horizon in a way that will ensure they won’t look dated anytime before it does. Art is one thing. The technical side of Horizon, while still...

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    The Moderator Thread

    in Website Topics 3 hours ago by RolStoppable

    padib said: @Jaicee. The morally acceptable thread was tricky and could fit in either the General Discussion or the Political Discussion. As you saw, I was directly attacked, people will take personal opinions on moral matters as a discourse for politics, and you know political threads are more lax due to their controversial nature. On the other hand, I really just went there to post my...

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    Apple: Gaming Services (Google Stadia & Microsoft xCloud) Violate App Store Guidelines

    in General Discussion 3 hours ago by padib

    derpysquirtle64 said: The difference in this case compared to Microsoft and Netscape situation, is that Microsoft had over 90% of desktop OS marketshare back then. iOS is not in this situation and Android's marketshare is even bigger. Yes, however in that case Netscape was still allowed to be on Windows. Now imagine if Microsoft had the power to make Netscape non-runnable on...

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    How old are you?

    in General Discussion 5 hours ago by Alby_da_Wolf

    54, I was 41 when I joined VGC. ...

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 6 hours ago by Eagle367

    Is proud of being mustachioed madness incarnate ...

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    The different approaches to Next Generation gaming

    in Gaming Discussion 8 hours ago by Alby_da_Wolf

    Not particularly impressed, but as both MS and Sony were quite prudent in CPU cores choice, going for customised Zen 2, they left a small possibility to add hybrid models later, using Zen 3+ tech to achieve Zen 2 performance with a low power consumption CPU core version, that would be quite interesting. Anyhow I'm quite satisfied, prudent performance leap and use of a well known architecture,...

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    What's the last movie you saw in a theater?

    in Movies Discussion 13 hours ago by KLAMarine

    1917! Awesome movie with a great soundtrack! Feel like listening to another track right now actually. ...

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    PS4 exclusive FF7R hits 5 million units.

    in Sales Discussion 14 hours ago by MasonADC

    jenpol said: MasonADC said: Amazing numbers, GOTY by far. Which year? ;) Honestly 2018 2019 and 2020 at this point  ...

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    (CONFIRMED) Sony State of Play August 6th - No Big PS5 news

    in Sony Discussion 15 hours ago by DonFerrari

    yvanjean said: DonFerrari said: Very trustworthy sources for sure, must be the same ones that swear PS4 also had always online DRM and removed it after MS backlash. Regardless of the source, the main fact is Sony caught Microsoft red-handed and undercut them $100 with the release of PS4. There is an unprecedented game of chicken being played by Sony and Microsoft this...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Liverpool are Premier League champions!

    in Sports Discussion 19 hours ago by Wyrdness

    Ronaldo really is something else him and Messi. ...

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    The reason the switch is barely starting and sales will explode next few years +250m LTD

    in Nintendo Discussion 21 hours ago by Jumpin

    Jumpin said: Jumpin said: Are you nuts?!?!?!225M at best. Hmmm, there’s potential here. Shut up, asshole. ...

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    Leaked Price of PS5 - MAJOR GRAIN OF SALT

    in Sony Discussion 22 hours ago by DonFerrari

    0D0 said: Can't a hope for $450 standard? That would be over 50 loss on the standard console, and for they to keep a good distance to the discless that would be even more losses. ...

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    4 new characters announced for Street Fighter V

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by V-r0cK

    Hiku said: V-r0cK said: Thanks for sharing!  I'm cool with SF6 getting delayed for finer tuning.  Capcom should take the time to really try and perfect it at launch since SF5 didn't have a good start.  And like DonFerrari mentioned, it should also be multiplat. I think SF5 launched with 16 characters and no Story Mode, etc.It's a much better deal...

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    Are you pre-ordering PS5 on August 6th ? (Rumored SoP date)

    in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Barkley

    JapaneseGamesLover said: Barkley said: The date is right for SoP, but we're not going to get PS5 date/price here. It is rumoured the price will be unveiled. *clap clap clap* We will have to wait a bit longer. ...

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