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    Ocarina of Time vs Final Fantasy 7

    in Gaming Discussion 52 minutes ago by Hynad

    Peh said: Hynad said: The counter argument is the video. The loading is hardly an issue, and certainly not as long as you claim. In fact, it’s hardly longer than what was found in the SNES FF games. The black fade up to the moment you can issue commands is barely anything to write about. Certain games on the PS1 had loading issues. Sure. But the fact that Squaresoft managed...

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    Say something about the person above you

    in General Discussion 6 hours ago by CaptainExplosion

    Doesn't know how high I can jump. ...

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    PlayStation Nation: Definitive Edition - Plus Games For February Announced

    in Sony Discussion 7 hours ago by Keiji

    gooch_destroyer said: Might get this on PS5. assumingly. Why not on PS4 ? It is coming out in summer. ...

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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: BotW Sells 16.34 Million on Switch, Link’s Awakening Sells 4.19 Million

    in Nintendo Discussion 7 hours ago by Mar1217

    Veknoid_Outcast said: Link's Awakening soundtrack up for pre-order: Doesn't look like there are any imminent plans to release this in the west. Source You mean like any usual physical edition of a game soundtrack in Japan. *If only VG music had been taken seriously much sooner, maybe we would already have those albums available in stores in the west ... ...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 7 hours ago by Mar1217

    Can AC get over 400p before March hits at this rhythm ? ...

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    [Update] Radiation therapy complete, awaiting surgery

    in General Discussion 10 hours ago by curl-6

    Immersiveunreality said: curl-6 said: Thanks so much as ever for all the kindness. :) I can relate, due to my OCD I'm quite the hypochondriac myself; if it helps what I have is very rare, and it might work out that the graft goes perfectly and my leg ends up working just fine. Wow, that's intense. Huge congrats on winning such a tough fight, and thanks heaps.   Aw,...

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    PS5 build cost more than 450 USD , Sony probably having a hard time deciding the retail price

    in Sony Discussion 12 hours ago by Keiji

    hinch said: Retail price will be much higher for sure. I'm gonna guess $549, €549, £479.99 for PS5 (basic).I'm glad Sony/MS are are going balls to the walls with specs though. Another 7+ years after this so. Please no. 399€ is enough. I don't want 8K and shit. ...

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    Do you workout ?

    in Sports Discussion 13 hours ago by SvennoJ

    StreaK said: Jumpin said: I'm 39. Dude, there is just NO excuse, sorry Svenno.... Yeah, I'm also gonna be 38 and in better shape than I was at 25. Age truly is, just a number. There are 72 year olds that physically can out perform me. It's no excuse, my problem is I usually push myself too hard. I still go jogging every other day despite my left knee being...

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    Gran Turismo PS5: 4K Resolution is Enough, Looking Into Higher Than 60fps - Kazunori Yamauchi

    in Sony Discussion 17 hours ago by Radek

    Seriously unless they want to release it on PC nobody on console cares about 120 hz. Make it look as good as it can, have awesome physics and have it run at 4K 60 fps. ...

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    PS5 Coming at the End of 2020 According to Analyst: High-Spec Hardware for Under $500

    in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by Keiji

    Radek said: Nate4Drake said: Credible Insider Says PS5 Is Targeting 12 Tflops.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2JlGZ1t4RoI'm getting mad, when the official announcement... PS5 sounds much more impressive in 2020 than PS4 did in 2013. Look, even 2020 games still run in 1080p on PS4, it aged well imo but PS5 is gonna be a beast! Next gen could last even 8 years for all I...

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    How many movies do you see in theaters each year?

    in Movies Discussion 1 day ago by coolharry

    Between 45-60 movies a year. So most of the time once a week. ...

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    Its a Bird!, No! Its a Super fast super cool hedgehog setting records for Biggest opening for any video game adaption in history!

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago by shikamaru317

    CaptainExplosion said: shikamaru317 said: Probably the Mario movie that Illumination (Despicable Me, Secret Life of Pets, Sing) are making. though it's not releasing until 2022. There are alot of videogame based movies releasing over the next few years before Mario, but I'm expecting most of them to be bad. Monster Hunter movie sounds terrible.  I'd be down for that Dwayne...

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    PS4 Dreams Review Thread (90 Current Metacritic /92 Opencritic Average)

    in Sony Discussion 4 days ago by DonFerrari

    CGI-Quality said: John2290 said: The fallout 4 dreams remake legit looks better than the vanilla version of the actual game. Media molucle should be creating engines and not games, they are obviously more skilled at it than anything else. Considering this game’s critical/user reception, they are doing exactly what they should be. They could add engine creation to...

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    PS5 WILL NOT Have PS4 Biggest Problem

    in Sony Discussion 5 days ago by Dante9

    I haven't had any problems with noise. My PS4 and later the Pro have been in the vertical position on my open TV stand. Maybe it's been getting better ventilation that way, as opposed to a cramming it into an enclosed space and having it in the horizontal position? ...

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    Game Of The Year Blog 2019 - Death Stranding Still Leads - But RE2 Storming Back!

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago by Mospeada21CA

    It won 2 DICE awards this weekend. Plus, the replica hat that Sam wears is also back in stock. ...

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    What is your favorite type of RPG?

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago by QUAKECore89

    Darn, this is hard.I think it should be MMORPG is my favorite type of RPG since i love playing with my guildmates for memes, raiding, Role Playing events, dungeons and festival events a lot.Action-RPG, Computer-RPG, and Tactical RPG are also my favorites type of RPG lol. ...

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    Sonic The Hedgehog movie getting similar reviews to Detective Pikachu, tied for 3rd place overall

    in Movies Discussion on 17 February 2020 by CrazyGamer2017

    I have seen neither Detective Pikachu nor the Sonic the Hedgehog movie cause I don't go to the movies anymore. Too expensive in my opinion. But I won't mind watching both if/when they show up on Netflix over here. ...

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    When will the switch outsell the ps4?

    in Sales Discussion on 17 February 2020 by Radek

    curl-6 said: With practically nothing scheduled beyond March 20th, I am starting to worry that Nintendo have little to show for themselves this year, in which case 2020 could be down significantly YOY and mark the start of a steep decline for the Switch like what happened when Wii stopped getting games in 2011. I certainly hope that's not the case, but their current lineup (or rather...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Doods kicked a ball (probably)

    in Sports Discussion on 15 February 2020 by kirby007

    i fear a similair scenario like with Froome will happen where they appeal and they wont miss a season ...

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    Sony paid $229 million for Insomniac

    in Sony Discussion on 13 February 2020 by mjk45

    LurkerJ said: LudicrousSpeed said: Dude was really banned for this? wow Thanks... Maybe expanding my point and putting in context by making a comprehensive list of Insomniac IPs would help convince those who reported me? Spyro and Ratchet are almost two decades old at this point, one of them isn't in SONY's hands anymore. Ratchet games definitely have their fan-base...

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