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    Carzy Zarx's PC gaming emporium - Catch up on all the latest PC Gaming related news

    in PC Discussion 5 hours ago by JEMC

    Monday news, part two: Final Fantasy 14 won't evict you from your in-game house during the coronavirus pandemic https://www.pcgamer.com/final-fantasy-14-wont-evict-you-from-your-in-game-house-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic/ Final Fantasy 14 is putting a freeze on housing evictions, its developers announced yesterday, so that players don't have to worry about their virtual property during the...

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    Why isn't there a NBA thread?

    in Sports Discussion on 01 May 2015 by outlawauron

    alternine said: outlawauron said: Brooks has been consistently incompetent. He was so in over his head. He wouldn't have lasted two seasons had they not gotten lucky in the draft. Yeah he did get lucky with Durant. Just like Spoelstra did with Lebron. Spoelstra was better as he was able to manage his team better and win 2 rings. There's a reason that he's not...

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    The NFL Thread 2014: New England Patriots Win Super Bowl XLIX

    in Sports Discussion on 17 February 2015 by noname2200

    gergroy said: He is only 28, he hasnt quite hit the decline period,  he still has another prime year or two left if he keeps playing... For most running backs he is very solidly in the decline period. He just appears to be an exception to that rule. Still, the clock is indisputably ticking, and reports of back problems aren't instilling confidence....

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    The OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Thread! December 22 update: BACK BY REQUEST

    in Sports Discussion on 17 January 2015 by FDARaptor

    TheGoldenBoy said: FDARaptor said: But how many of those pick's are protected? thats the real question. Like I said, I'm not worried about Boston. They're a smart franchise and will handle their picks just fine. But what can Boston do about protected pics?...

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    Steam Secret Santa: Signups closed, PM's sent. Don't forget to make and check your friend requests!

    in PC Discussion on 05 January 2015 by CladInShadows

    Just wanna thank theprof00 for an awesome game!...

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    Do you think the FDA has too much power?

    in Politics Discussion on 31 December 2014 by Insidb

    sc94597 said: Insidb said: sc94597 said: Insidb said: sc94597 said: fatslob-:O said: sc94597 said: The first was exactly my point. I think the FDA aren't efficient at their goals for a multitude of reasons. They are a monopoly. They are partly inefficient because command control regulations are inefficient. They have conflicting goals. They...

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    What is AMD's equivalent of the 980?

    in PC Discussion on 30 December 2014 by JEMC

    MikeRox said:Christ alive, andhhere's me chuffed to have just ordereda GTX 970 lol As you should. The 970 is an excellent card and a much better buy than a 980 from a performance/price point of view....

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    Would anyone buy an XBOX portable

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 December 2014 by Dr.Vita

    I wouldn't. :P...

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    Windows Phone saved! Candy Crush Saga is on

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 December 2014 by Landguy

    I think that this game coming to the Windows phone will have no impact. Of course, I have never played it either......

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    Survival Horror vs Action Horror

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 November 2014 by SvennoJ

    Survival horror all the way. And play Alien Isolation, it's a bit long but ugh it's good. Last night all the alarms were blaring, lights flashing, the Alien stomping around, damn droids in the way yet you can't attack them without alerting the Alien. Sneak in the shadows and pray the Alien doesn't look under the table you're cowering under. Best setting, best music although it plays rarely,...

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    American Football Fans what is the best division in the NFL this season?

    in Sports Discussion on 23 November 2014 by FDARaptor

    NFC North...

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    The 5th Annual Greatest Games Event! Join the Fun!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2014 by Kyuu

    It seems like I've gone and made my list without signing up first :-P I had no knowledge of this thread's existence! My apologies in case I caused any inconvenience....

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    Halo: The Master Chief Collection will have a 20GB day one "content update".

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 November 2014 by t3mporary_126

    They really need to warn customers who pre-order this game and have crappy internet. Maybe a warning on the box if they're afraid to warn this on ads. There's a few reason why people still buy game discs and not download games. Fortunately a lot of people who buy this will have online so they will probably just chug a long I guess. ...

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    PC build- attempt 10

    in PC Discussion on 24 October 2014 by Imnus


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    Ryse: Son of Rome - Is Your Rig Ready?

    in PC Discussion on 12 October 2014 by Cleary397

    Vasto said: CGI-Quality said: Cleary397 said:Judging by the recommended specs my rig will be more than capable of running highest in 1080p, Not that im even thinking of getting this game lol I honestly don't get why the reviewes were as harsh as they were. It's really not that bad. We have been saying this for a year. I really wish Ryse would be a Games With...

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    Microsoft Xbox Elimination Game (Xbox Empire Edition) Conclusion

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 September 2014 by GTAexpert

    Slade6alpha said:Am still in shock over how Gears of War was gone so fast...... GoW should have been top 10 easily. GoW is not Gears, its God Of War :-P...

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    Your highest game play time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 September 2014 by TheWPCTraveler

    Distributed over eight years, and over countless vacations: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! If my math serves me correct, I clocked more than 2000 hours into this game. Others: 1000+ hours: Civ V, Plants vs Zombies, SimCity 4 100+ hours: Fire Emblem: Awakening, Bravely Default...

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    i really dont know which console to buy next

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2014 by WolfpackN64

    Get the Wii U and enjoy Resident Evil Revelations?...

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    I'm Wesslewoggle, ask me anything

    in NSFW Discussion on 04 August 2014 by WessleWoggle

    NiKKoM said: WessleWoggle said: My dad on the other hand is going to have a big surprise when he gets out of  prison because I used to be a closet crossdresser, now I'm a full blown transvestite. So do you shop at forever21 for clothes? or online?I have a friend who went on a bad LSD trip and never recovered.. I try to visit him once in a while but he's a goner.....

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    Pay it forward: I just gave a overweight, andre the giant sized, African American five dollars for gas

    in General Discussion on 28 April 2014 by spurgeonryan

    mochachino said: spurgeonryan said: Do you think he will do something good for someone else now? I thought I would go for a drive just now at 0130 in the morning to find some nose spray for my gf. Since I am off from work tonight, I thought, sure why not. So after discovering a few places were closed, and fapping in one of the store parking lots ( yes, it was pre-meditated, I...

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