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    What is the best fighting game of all time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 January 2009

    Street Fighter 2...

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    Analyst: PS3 continues to lack a clear ‘must-own’ title that will drive sales

    in Sony Discussion on 23 January 2009

    Gran Turismo 5 will be a 'must own' title....

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    Classic Controller. Love it or Hate it?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2009

    It's not bad, but I wish it were truly wireless. Furthermore, I dislike how the cord extends from the bottom of the controller rather than the top....

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    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2009

    N64. Still my favourite console ever. It transformed me from a Master System, Mega Drive and Saturn owning Sega fan into a Nintendo supporter....

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    Is MGS4 the most decorated game ever?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2009

    It's too early to grant it such distinction. Time is the true test. Games like Ocarina, SMB3, SM64 etc are timeless classics that are every bit as playable today as they were when they were first released. How well a game ages is an important consideration. ...

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    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - many details

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 January 2009

    Impressive....most impressive....

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    Your favorite Consoles (in order)

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2009

    Excluding handhelds,1989-1992: Master System1992-1995: Mega Drive1995-1997: Saturn1997-2001: N642001-2003: PS22003-2006: Xbox2006 - ?: Wii...

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    NON Biased, NON Fanboy, PS360 Owners answer me this ..

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 January 2009

    Esmoreit said:The X360 and PS3 fanboys have been rightfully calles out now. PS fans being mostly irrational and way too pattriotic... the X360 fans mostly antagonistic.I'd rather claim the Wii fans to be the most defensive. You'll hardly see a wii-fan starting a thread to bash a game, console, or whatever you call it (especially considering the ratio of nintendo-fans here on the site.)Yet,...

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    Official VGC Poll: How many units will the PS3 sell by January 1, 2010.

    in Website Topics on 18 January 2009

    29 million...

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    The Best Game of all time

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 January 2009

    Mario 64...

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    VGC Poll: How many units will the Wii have sold by January 1, 2010?

    in Website Topics on 14 January 2009

    80 million....

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    What is the single best Wii party Game?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 January 2009

    Mario Kart Wii is a great online 2 player game....

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    Say something nice about a current gen console/handheld you don't own.

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2009

    PS3: Gran Turismo 5 is a great exclusive game.PSP: I like its large widescreen display....

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    Halo 3: ODST, The Counduit or Killzone 2?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 January 2009

    Although I hope The Conduit will be as good as some have built it up to be, without having played any of these games, I think that Halo 3: ODST is the obvious pick here, based on the quality and reputation of its developer.Having said that, I'm not a huge fan of modern FPS's anyway....

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    Sci-fi vs. Sandbox style vs. Action/ Adventure vs. Racing

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 January 2009

    Sandbox: The Godfather: Blackhand EditionSci Fi: Mass EffectAction Adventure: Legend of ZeldaRacing: Mario Kart Wii...

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    The end of a Saga: Now, the world ends with me.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 January 2009

    Despite the rave reviews, I didn't like it at all....

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    Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

    in PC Discussion on 10 January 2009

    My favourite RPG, and best game of the previous generation. Unlike some responses here, I prefer the original KOTOR over its sequel. If you are a Star Wars fan, this game is an absolute must....

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    Sony to Dominate 09? (Note if you dont like Sony Stay out!)

    in Sony Discussion on 10 January 2009

    ...As in dominating the Wii? No.It does have a good chance of beating out the 360 this year though, although my 2009 EOY predictions suggests otherwise....

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    Bach says Xbox360 will have longer lifespan than Xbox

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 January 2009

    Obviously, the 360 will have a longer lifespan. Alongside the 360's greater commercial successs, the original Xbox was dropped prematurely because of an unfavourable deal between Microsoft and Nvidia over its GPU....

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    What data about the console market would you like to have?

    in Sales Discussion on 10 January 2009

    This is unrealistic, but historic data about console sales pertaining to my home country would be nice....

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