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Hiku's Wall

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< Darwinianevolution posted something on Hiku's wall:

Hello. On the Bingo thread, are you going to put more games, or the ones on your post are all you chose?

Those are all I chose. Is that ok or should I add more?

on 22 October 2016

it's better if you full all of the spaces, but it's not necessary.

on 22 October 2016

< axumblade posted something on Hiku's wall:

Hey man, do you mind editing your Most Wanted this month? KoF is an August release so its not eligible

Late reply, but I did see your post in the topic and changed it. =p

on 21 October 2016

< JENIFER990 posted something on Hiku's wall:

am jenifer female single i have important thing to tell you

reply me ;su4222@hotmail.com

< Leadified posted something on Hiku's wall:

Thank you for your posts in the FF disease thread, I honestly couldn't have worded it better myself

Thanks. :) Glad to hear you share my thoughts on the matter. It seems like some people are too quick to judge the mechanic without realizing why it's there and how it actually works.

on 24 May 2016

< padib posted something on Hiku's wall:

Hey, how to I find a retail copy of SFV. So far it can only be bought as a digital download.

Would you have a link by any chance?

< padib posted something on Hiku's wall:

I like your fair and balanced post here -> http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=7645547

Thanks. Will you be watching the Capcom Cup finals for SF4? It'll take place on Sunday at the Playstation Experience. Top 32 players in the world play for $250,000, streamed on twitch.tv/capcomfighters . Here's the schedule: http://oi64.tinypic.com/2q0k30n.jpg

on 04 December 2015

I had fun watching the last one you informed me of, so yes at 6:30pm it should be A ok. Enjoy it by the way.

on 04 December 2015

Good to hear. This is on paper the most stacked SF4 tourney yet, so I am looking forward to it and hoping for a good show. =p It may also very well be the last hurrah for SF4 before SF5 comes out.

on 04 December 2015

Looks like I'm going to be busy after all, but enjoy it. And do you think I could watch it on youtube after the event ends?

on 04 December 2015

Awww, that's too bad. Yes, they will upload the matches on: www.youtube.com/user/CapcomFightersTV . Just not sure if they're going to upload a few long segments, or each match individually.

on 04 December 2015

It's better than nothing. Thanks Hiku.

on 04 December 2015

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Hiku's wall:

Love your posts in the FFVII remake thread! Keep fighting the good fight! FFVII is awesome, dated graphics and all!

Ty! Will do! :)

on 03 December 2015

< Eikichi134 posted something on Hiku's wall:

Umm, I believe you've made two threads for the same thing!

Yeah, it got cloned. I reported it when I noticed.

on 28 September 2015

< Ryng posted something on Hiku's wall:

The new avatar is much better.

Mhmm :)

on 06 May 2015

< padib posted something on Hiku's wall:

Hey bud can you check the SF thread I made, I'm ready to buy the 60$ stick but wanted your opinion on it first. Thanks as always.

No prob. I'll ask a friend and see what he thinks since I've never used that stick.

on 27 April 2015

< Cloudman posted something on Hiku's wall:

Well, I finally found the game. Now I can start playing it~ : )

Wow, so sexy! Congrats! I've never seen the physical version of the game before. We played it through a rom device for SNES called Game Doctor. But we did have the physical copy of Butouden 3.
680 Yen is a pretty good price too. :)

on 04 April 2015

Thanks : ) With that low a price, I could hardly refuse. I haven`t had the chance to play it, but I will soon. : ) How is Butouden 3?

on 05 April 2015

Butouden 3 was my personal favorite. Perhaps because I played it before Butouden 2. Or maybe it was that I prefered the music and roster. But both of them were very similar, (besides that Butouden 2 had a story mode and Butouden 3 didn't) and a significant step up from Butouden 1. But Butouden 3 was a bit more fast paced thanks to charging up ki being significantly faster, so there was more ki blasting action going on.

on 06 April 2015

Interesting that 3 is your favorite. I heard 3 wasn`t as good as 2, likely due to the lack of story mode. Also, the roster seems a bit lacking in 3, with there being a lot of Super Saiyan characters and other side characters I am not so interested in. Though 2`s is lacking too. Being able to play as 18 does seem nice though... Not sure I`d want to get 3 too. I`ll play 2 a bit first.

on 06 April 2015

Well regarding the music, there were some themes that I really didn't like in Butouden 2. A couple of symphony-like themes in particular. Gohan's theme for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdeRk8l802o&list=PLF14F2A66B3B97C51&index=16
And Zangya's theme in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rMJMNyN3kQ&list=PLF14F2A66B3B97C51&index=12

They felt rather mellow and not very well suited for a fighting game.
There were a few others I didn't like either, like Bojack or Cell's theme.

Compare to Gohan's Butouden 3 theme though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOvwgKJVPPY&list=PL5D2B7B7FD3AC385C&index=4

I thought it was really nice and suited the game perfectly. Very upbeat and hype.

Majin Vegeta's theme was also nice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-26pcO55qg&list=PL5D2B7B7FD3AC385C&index=5

And here's one of my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N53YYDJpMY&list=PL5D2B7B7FD3AC385C&index=8

That one really brings back memories.

As for the roster, yeah it was full of Super Saiyans. lol.
From Butouden 2, I prefer Cell and Brolly over Buu and Dabura in 3. But I wasn't a fan of Bojack, and Cell Jr. 18 was nice in Butouden 3, but I also liked Kaiou Shin (Surpreme Kai) and Son Goten. Both games had my favorites though, Future Trunks and Goku.

Yeah, definitely try out the second game first before deciding if you want to pick up the third as well. They're very similar after all. It was mostly the music and characters that did it for me.

on 06 April 2015

Heya, sorry for the late response. I got kinda busy and I wasn't very clear headed after watching the Level 5 event. I gave the tunes a listen. Honestly, the Butouden 2 songs you linked were terrible honestly. They were very boring and not good listens. The 3 songs were great though! They were more fitting of a fighter and DBZ : ) I listened to a few more tunes and found them to be pretty great actually.

Both games had their hit/miss characters. It's too bad they couldn't be combined or something like that...

on 08 April 2015

No worries. Reply whenever you want. lol

And yeah, 2 happened to have a few terrible tracks that always seemed to come up at least a few times when we played, so they always lingered in my mind afterwards. Meanwhile 3 didn't have any terrible tracks that I can recall, and even had some really great memorable ones. The last one I linked in particular is a song I often associate with the series, as it's Goku's main theme, and it was in Ultimate Batlle 22 and Final Bout as well.

Here's one of my favorites as well:

Starts at 1:15.
Love the part from 1:39 and onwards.
And then at 3:40 Hikari No Will Power plays. Another favorite song for me in these games.
This game had really nice animations for its time btw.

Yeah they all have their ups and downs. Maybe the upcoming Extreme Butouden for 3DS will combine all the good things? =p If it has rearranged versions of the old music, that would be a big plus for me.

on 08 April 2015

< The_Sony_Girl1 posted something on Hiku's wall:

Xeno-fucking-saga FTW!

< BraLoD posted something on Hiku's wall:

You need to play The Last of Us soooo badly

Btw, just added you xD

< padib posted something on Hiku's wall:

I really appreciate the helpful post in the SFV thread. Thanks again Hiku.

< Ganoncrotch posted something on Hiku's wall:

Nice patience in that giveaway thread, wouldn't get too worked by someone with "youtube comments syndrome" looking for some views on here, from the sounds of it his videos are the same as billions more so anyone who does sub for the remote chance of him giving away a console wont be staying around on that channel.

If he is lying btw and it's provable I think youtube are fairly harsh on channels that try to pull that off (as well as him actually saying what kind of revenue he could get from 100subs which is always to be kept secretive with youtube partners) But yeah just gonna chill and see how it plays out on here.

Cool use of the Pheonix Wright Gif btw gave me a chuckle :)

Personally, I like how his *3 week old* ps4 has more dust build up than my launch PS4.

on 11 November 2014

Also, it is plugged in, power cable hanging over the table is lighter than the cord pulling downwards, it would have fallen down the back long ago if it wasn't connected, and since it IS connected, the chances it has never been turned on are zero, obviously gave it a quick wipe down before the video, even states in first video "as you can see its fresh", problem there is, anyone with a ps4 will tel you that the power/eject buttons are so sensitive you can't even look at them funny without turning the thing on, let alone wipe down the console.

on 11 November 2014

Yeah, I actually rather enjoyed watching him painting himself into a corner like that. In the end, all he could come up with was "it's just hanging there".
As for the gifs, the whole thing kinda reminded me of a Phoenix Wright trial. Specifically the first witness in the first case that's really easy to break down and find holes in their story.
It was actually pretty funny how he announced the second giveaway immediately after I called it.
The people behind this this idea clearly didn't think it through properly.

But I actually did all this just to be friends with Tachikoma. It was an elaborate plan, but it worked in the end as she just sent me a friends request.

on 11 November 2014

Yeah, the amount of dust on his console only made the bagged hdmi cable look out of place.
Though when he said that it wasn't plugged in, I think he was referring to the other end of it. As in, it was plugged into the PS4 but not into the wall. Which still makes zero sense when coupled with the fact that he claimed he never had any intention of turning it on. When I questioned why he would plug the power cable into a console he never had any intention of turning on, he just dodged the question.

on 11 November 2014

If you look at the decal skinned console, the dust pattern is identical, also the usb cable for the pad was wound up like any normal person would wind them after use, its clear it has been used, nobody buy a console as a gift for someone then takes it out of the box and leaves it on a desk to collect dust, and uses the pad and charge cable, plugs the console in but never actually turns it on. its pure bullshit, but the jokes on him because i intend to keep an eye on the channel and dig deep into the supposed winner, if i can find evidence of the competition being a sham (and i get the feeling it will be quite easy to do so) then i will be having a word with youtube.

What is dumb is, he would have got just as many subscribers if he straiht up just said, hey guys im making a channel with my friends come check us out and sub if possible, but no, has to dangle his ps4 like a carrot to coax people to subscribe, its stupid because the moment he declare a winner, half the people that subscribed to try and win are just going to be like, meh, unsubbing - he knows this, which is why he brought up the second ps4 to bring in another carrot in the hopes that people wont unsubscribe, or at the very least, forget they were subscribed.

If theyre not n it for the money, and just want friends, then subscriber count doesnt matter, you dont walk in to a room and say "hey everyone, come be my friend, and ill pick one of the first 100 of you to give a prize to", you dont start a facebook and friend request a bunch of strangers saying "if u accept mai request u cud win something", so why do the same on youtube? The not for money stuff doesnt hold water at all, he wants subscribers to get to the youtube partner requirements as fast as possible, and to earn money on their videos as fast as possible, problem is the content is boring and the same as a billion other peoples, its never going to work - talking over boring gameplay doesnt make it not boring.

on 11 November 2014

On further examination, the dust patterns on the "prize" ps4 are in keeping with the removal of a console skin after dust have built up (clean line up to a dusty line) looking at the other video with the decal applied the endpoint of the decal on the lower lip, and the seem along the button/lightbar are dusty while the rest is relatively dust free, which suggests that decals have bee applied when the console was new and removed after a significant passage of time.

on 11 November 2014

I love the mods here just putting that out there, they locked it since it's a new account here so him trying to advertise his youtube channel here with basically his first thread made with what looks like a scam fits into the description of spamming here... on top of insulting your love of life Hiku that was definately just "youtube comment" lvls of arguing right there.

I'll be honest tho, I never watched the vids myself just going off the reaction of people who did watch them, I wouldn't even give a channel like that a video view nevermind a subscription, dangling the promise of 2 ps4's before Christmas to try to make a few dollars on his youtube thing is just messed up.

Like loads said in that thread, if he really did want subs he could easily have invested the cash from selling that extra ps4 he said he had laying around to buy sponship on a decent channel and they would give him a plug, that's how youtube works, more or less a huge pyramid scheme if you want to try to get up in it you need to pay those already up there.

(congratz on the new friend hiku btw :) )

on 12 November 2014

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