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    Sonic Mania Review thread- 86 meta with 50 reviews

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 August 2017

    Wait a second did I buy this for 3 platforms? This game is so good......

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    Dragon Ball Super is THE worst anime I've ever watched

    in General Discussion on 09 August 2017

    monocle_layton said:   1) Characters  Tien, Yamcha, Piccolo, Gohan, and so many more simply turned into background noise as Goku and vegeta go Super Sand Lesbian or whatever the hell the next form is called. Why is it that these characters with thought put into them were now just thrown away? Even with the current arc, you don't feel the same intesity or pressure from the older...

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    Which is the most significant (important) console in history?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2017

    The NES as it brought gaming back from the abyss in the US, but among other reasons Nintendo has been the innovator in general when it has come to console gaming. It's hard to imagine where Sony or Microsoft would be without them....

    Write 188

    Donald Trump vs CNN Twitter Fight.

    in Politics Discussion on 06 July 2017

    Eh, the way Trump has worked the media this whole time is pure genius. This has been a very entertaining ride....

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    I think SNESSuper Famicom Mini is a rip off. Why I suggest not buying.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 July 2017

    I doubt most people will get to buy it anyways since Nintendo will not produce enough to meet demand....

    Write 220

    Crash Bandicoot reviews

    in Sony Discussion on 02 July 2017

    The score is higher than I thought it would be, but it's not like that matters. If you enjoyed the original games you'll enjoy this remaster. I'll probably pick it up when it's on sale. ...

    Write 354

    Who WON E3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 June 2017

    Nintendo by a long shot, but it was a pretty weak year. I'd say depending on footage next year of some of the announcements, Nintendo has a good shot next year as well....

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    PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Thread - It's over

    in Sony Discussion on 12 June 2017

    Bored now... lets cut out the VR....

    Write 192

    Leo-j buys a switch and.....

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2017

    There really wasn't a compelling reason for me to at own a PS4 or Xbox One at launch... Meanwhile, the Switch had the new Zelda, which honestly is one of the best games I've ever experienced... So yeah... Opinions vary. I think the Switch itself should've had more features at launch, but I'm not going to complain about the games that are coming out for it....

    Write 77

    GameStop: Nintendo Switch is Selling Out “Within Hours”; Demand “Incredibly Strong”

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 March 2017

    The Switch can only get better at this point as it adds more games to it's library throughout the year. It's hard to see the demand going down anytime soon based off of what the Switch offers. It's still getting a lot of positive chatter around my work place, which is something the Wii U never had. Their marketing is also more on point....

    Write 52

    Call of Duty: World War II

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2017

    The micro-transactions have honestly ruined Call of Duty for me... ...

    Write 118

    Share Any Zelda BotW Criticisms/Issues!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 March 2017

    While I find BoTW to be one of the more challenging Zelda games in general,  the Divine Beasts are some of the weakest and easiest "dungeons" in the entire series. Even the boss battles with exception to one so far have been underwhelming....

    Write 49

    POLL: 2017 best year 6th gen? and the games that are a week one purchase for you, for sure. 100%

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 March 2017

    Day 1 so far: Horizon Zero Dawn (On Backlog now) Breath of the Wild Day 1 Mass Effect Andromeda Sonic Mania Splatoon 2 Super Mario Odyssey Skyrim (Switch) - Because I'm a sucker for Skyrim on the go. Week 1: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Call of Duty 2017 Pending Reviews: Project Sonic 2017...

    Write 89

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2017

    Best thing I would say is just to take the plunge into one of them and see how it goes. I'd personally probably Breath of the Wild, as it is head and shoulders above the rest. ...

    Write 293

    How far are you in Breath of the Wild?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 March 2017

    I've done the Zora domain and it's "dungeon", and around 20 shrines. Other than that I haven't really done much... I think I have around 20 hours into the game. Saying something about difficultly for a second. Kudos to Nintendo for creating a very challenging game. I don't think I've died this many times in a single game (outside of a Mario game lol)...

    Write 65

    Prediction: Nintendo switch, gen 1, will have a high fail rate lifetime. Second hands on impressions.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2017

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the construction of the main unit itself. I find it more durable than say a 3DS. However I do have issues with the dock. The dock WILL scratch the sides of your screen. It will happen, there's nothing to stop it if you don't have a screen protector. The dock itself is very flimsy. As for screens cracking if you drop it... that's somewhat of an expectation...

    Write 194

    Zelda BotW Screenshot thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2017

      Speaking of islands....

    Write 212

    List your "10/10" games.

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2017

    Numerical values are flawed, but here are my close to perfect games, in no particular order: Skyrim Mass Effect 2 A Link Between Worlds Undertale Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ...

    Write 243

    Is Breath of the Wild really that good?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 March 2017

    I'm about 10 hours in and it's a very solid game. There's a lot of small hidden puzzles, the shrines are interesting, and the vastness of the world is really something. I'm honestly surprised with how much depth is in this game and I felt like I've barely scratched the surface of it. However there is one particular thing that bothers me slightly and that's the durability of the weapons. While...

    Write 34

    The JoyCon grip feels very natural

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 March 2017

    The joycon isn't bad, but I prefer the pro controller....

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