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    Super_Boom's Wall

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    < Cloudman posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    We may like diff gals, but we can still get along, right..? ; )

    Chitoge > Onodera

    on 08 June 2015

    looks like someone switched to the dark side... >: )

    on 08 June 2015

    Haru > Kosaki > Marika > everybody else > Chitoge

    on 08 June 2015

    Ahhh cute :'D

    @Ultrashroomz: *hi5s*

    on 08 June 2015

    < uran10 posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Urgh... worst girl.... I absolutely can't stand anything Chitoge....

    Hating on best girl D

    on 05 June 2015

    Onodera sisters are best girls, and Marika after the recent chapters has gained some serious respect in my book. Then there's the annoying cliche tsundere with no redeeming qualities who is bound to win for no good reason.

    on 05 June 2015

    I'd like Kosaki more if her charater made some actual progression, or showed more vulnerability than just being the quirky princess cliche. I do like Haru, but that's because her character development largely is intended to mimic Chitoge's XD

    No redeeming qualities? Goodness...

    If/when Chitoge wins, it'll be because she's the female lead, gets the most character development, and because she and Raku are most tied to the original concept, all of which I consider good reasons. Not because she's a cliche....which pretty much every character in the manga is guilty of.

    on 06 June 2015

    < Cloudman posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Chitoge may not be my fav, but this pic is driving me crazy.... x_x

    It's pretty great, isn't it *_*

    on 05 June 2015

    Yeah, sometimes I just can't look away.... x_x

    on 06 June 2015

    You got a new sig too, which is also driving crazy... x_x This series is so great...

    on 07 June 2015

    I know! XD I think I'll keep this set for a while. I'm not a huge fan of Tumblr in general, but they have hordes of great anime gifs.

    *watches Chitoge walk in circles

    on 07 June 2015

    Haha, mee too... I really need to find Onodera gifs. I`m supposed to like her, not Chitoge!!! x )

    on 07 June 2015

    Hahah, a rival set! I won't back down

    on 07 June 2015

    < Ultrashroomz posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Your Chitoge sig is too much for me. D:

    It's too cute @_@ I know...sometimes I'll just stare for several seconds.

    on 31 May 2015

    < Cloudman posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Also, thanks for accepting my request. Nisekoi is my no. 1 right now x )

    Thanks for the request! : D

    on 31 May 2015

    Aside from Nisekoi, are there any other manga or anime you are following now?

    on 31 May 2015

    I've been reading One Piece for the past year, trying to get caught up on it. I watched some of the anime when I was younger, but never touched the manga. Right now I'm right at the beginning of Part II of the series...or at chapter 607 of the 780ish chapters total.

    Weekly I follow Bleach, Fairy Tail, Seven Deadly Sins, Magi, Sinbad, and Nisekoi (of course)

    Anime, right now I'm only watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Nisekoi, and Gintama, though I'm actually catching up on the last one.

    Yeah it's a lot @_@ How about yourself?

    on 31 May 2015

    Oh man, OP... I tried reading, but when I entered the series, it was already too long for me, so I eventually fell out of it. I did read a ton of it when I first started. I definitely saw the appeal around it, and it reminded me of the good times of old western cartoons. It has that hybrid feel of western and Japanese. I really enjoyed what I read. Maybe I will get back into it someday.

    Currently, I`m reading Anastsu Kyoushitsu, Yamada-kun and the 7 witches, and Nisekoi. I do follow random smaller ones, like reLIFE and Looking for a Father, but they`re obscure ones that I find randomly.

    As for anime, I`m not following any, but I would like to watch Nisekoi, Tora Dora, and Sword Art Online 2. : (

    on 31 May 2015

    Yeah @_@ it's definitely a huge undertaking. I've just heard so many good things, I knew I wanted to try sooner or later. It does have like a western cartoon vibe near the beginning, but the tone changes a lot as it goes on, so brace yourself for that if you ever try to get back into it. The story can get pretty heavy at times.

    I watched SAO II on Crunchyroll, which is where I watch everything nowadays. It had some great moments, but I think I liked season 1 better overall. So far nothing's topped the first half of season 1 for me. Still worth watching though.

    on 01 June 2015

    < outlawauron posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    I don't think I ever sent you this message, but I meant to send something out at the time. Rol just relinked me the thread and I saw your post again.

    Yes, this thread was a joke. I wasn't being serious.

    Derp, looking through my messages, it seems I did something. Please ignore me. *shame*

    on 26 May 2015

    Also, Onodera best girl.

    on 26 May 2015

    I knew I was getting deja vu XD

    on 26 May 2015

    < Ultrashroomz posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Oh great, now I started watching Nisekoi too.

    Good stuff!

    One of of us... >D

    It's hard to stop, ha ha

    on 25 May 2015

    < b00moscone posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    You have a Nisekoi avatar, I just have to add you.

    I also see you have a nice ava and sig. Are you a Nisekoi fan too...? : )

    on 24 May 2015

    Much obliged! Nisekoi FTW

    Cloudman: I marathoned season 1 in a week and started reading the manga. It's great XD I love the premise

    on 24 May 2015

    Glad to hear. I follow the manga now, but I don't watch the anime yet... : ( Is Chitoge your fav gal? I like Onodera myself : )

    on 24 May 2015

    Chitoge's my favorite character XD she's so great. Onodera's cute, but I usually root for the more outgoing characters. That, and I enjoy her story arcs more. I miss her in the manga. x.x

    I started on the anime before the manga, but I enjoy both. The anime cuts out some of the one-chapter story lines to focus on the longer (2+ chapter) arcs, but if you don't mind that, I highly recommend it. :D

    on 24 May 2015

    Yeah, Chitoge is great too, though she can be a lil too mean, even if her nice side is really cute, and I like her active personality. : ) Onodera is so sweet and cute, I just love her x ) I do find it weird that Chitode has been kinda absent from the manga, considering she legitly likes Raku now.

    If I can, I def want to watch the anime, but can`t really now, due to time... : (

    on 26 May 2015

    < MDMAlliance posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Looks like we have somewhat matching avatars.


    I just started the Chimera Ant Arc, actually watching it right now, heheh. I'm hooked on the series so far. Are you caught up?

    on 15 February 2015

    Oh, yeah. It's one of my favorites.

    on 15 February 2015

    < tbone51 posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Oh yeah, Luffy real flashback hasnt been shown. The shanks one was the beginning, but im talking about how luffy trains/etc while as a kid after Shanks leaves. You'll see it before the timeskip comes!

    Where im at, jesus the current arc started from Ch 700 and is still going at 773!!! It beat the longest arc in One Piece (Skypiea which had i think 66 chapters). And tbh its not looking to end before 785, too much to wrap up here lol!

    Also there hasnt been a new nakama in the longest! Need to check the numbers (chapters they joined) i think Brook joined late 400? (like 470-490). So if there are 40-42 chapters per year, technically we haven't had a new nakama for about 7 years now O.o.

    Also Movie 10 and Movie 12 are written by Oda himself and are very good movies, you need to check them out.

    Movie 10 (Strong World) you can watch after this triller bark arc (as its where it takes place)

    Movie 12 is after the timeskip!

    Holy crap, that's a long arc. I remember it not bothering me too much with Skypeia, since the saga itself only had the one other arc (Jaya arc). Compare to...say, the Albasta arc, which wasn't very long, but had several other arcs building up to it. I can imagine it being much more annoying following it weekly though, ha ha. Hopefully I catch up near the end of the arc, so I miss most of your frustrations XD

    Do you think Oda might keep the Strawhats at 9 for the rest of the series? I've been thinking it would be cool for one of the Shichibukai or upper rank Marine officials to join, like Mihawk or Smoker, but that might not be very likely. Oda would have to resolve Zoro's dreams for the former anyway...Otherwise they'd just be fighting forever on the ship.

    Thanks for the movie recs, I'll have to see if they're on Crunchyroll once I catch up a bit. I've only watched a bit of the anime, but wasn't too impressed by it. I love the artstyle in the manga, but the production values didn't seem very high in the parts of the anime I was watching. Though that could be largely due to how long the anime has been around...*shrug* Maybe I should watch something more recent (I just watched some scenes from Alabasta and Skypeia).

    on 25 January 2015

    Yeah, its good (the arc) i justwant to see Luffy fight ~~~~ in that arc already, will be a desperate fight, the villain is very very strong!!!

    As for more straw hats, Brook joins Ch 4## (not trying to spoil the #). So that leaves so long!!! But Luffy kinda has his 9th member already! Just events and more events. So as of now saw people, but there is somebody in this arc everybody (or some) thinks will join.

    There was just a popularity poll (i think the 5th) which we finally got since the last one (over 4 years ago). and that guy i was talking about that has a chance for Next Nakama was voted 8th most popular character :0

    Anywayz, lemme know how you think of thriller bark once you start reading it!!!

    on 25 January 2015

    < tbone51 posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    oh and Usoop vs Luffy in the Water 7 arc, first time i shed a tear in one piece (that was like 8 years+ ago? lol.

    The feels at the end. Biggest Highlights of one piece you just saw as well.

    Robin screams "I want to live".... Omg, that one too. Luffy Last atk on Lucci, oh and of course Merry's Death. I never expected tht at all. Ennies Lobby is definitely one of the best written anime arcs of all time!!!

    I have no shame admitting that I also cried during Usopp's fight with Luffy. The flashback panels Oda mixed between the fight panels just killed me. And then when Luffy finally takes off that emotionless mask and lets the tears fall. x.x

    It's funny, since I didn't really care for Robin during the Skypeia arc, but that was before she got saddest backstory in the series so far. I couldn't believe what I was reading. Poor girl, she was caught up in a straight up genocide.

    Gosh, I wonder if it's possible for Brook's backstory to top that. Seems impossible to me, LOL.

    And Merry....Merry! That also killed me. That ship had more development than the Naruto end-ships!

    *hits cymbal*

    on 25 January 2015

    Brook's story is actually very very sad when you think about it lol! Its definitely one of the worst ones (meaning saddest)

    My ranking personally for each strawhat flashback in terms of most Messed up/Saddest is...


    Very Sad: Chopper/Sanji/Franky

    Heart Breaking: Nami/Robin/Brook

    Brook's without spoiling it, isnt messed up like robin's, but in reality imo its the worst situation to be in.

    I will say this though Coincidently, his flashback/past was hinted already before thriller bark arc starts. You seen it. But i wont say what it is

    Yes Merry's was so sad, the episode of it is a tear jerker. Especially when it starts apologizing while having the vikings funeral!

    on 25 January 2015

    actually I add Chopper with Robin/Brook/Nami. I forgot his past is beyond F*** up. Being abandoned by his own race and humans calling him a monster when he just wanted a friend.

    As for Robin, Before Water 7, she was ok. So random for a nakama, but Oda of course new wat the f*** he was doing lol!

    Water 7 arc, AKA strawhats breakdown arc set up the best arc in the manga. So many good things

    Thriller Bark Arc (which your on) is fun and amusing. Usoop..... Will Be amazing here lol. The arc after though will be the start of amazing moments :)

    on 25 January 2015

    Oh gosh, another heartbreaking story??? I'm doomed.

    I agree with your list for the rest of the crew. I don't know much about Luffy, other than Shanks betting on him, but Zoro and Usopp's stories weren't as bad as parent figures sacrificing themselves or children being enslaved or losing everyone to a government-ordered genocide. *shivers

    I am looking forward to seeing more of Brook far I only know he's a skeleton that looks like JImi Hendrix, ha ha. I'll look out for that hint.

    on 25 January 2015

    < I3LuEI3omI3eR posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Mia = Sex/pwnage on legs! I don't remember liking any other female better than her in RD. Nice choice!

    Hell yeah! Best girl! She smiles so cutely while she wipes out waves of soldiers.

    And I'm liking the MM7 av. Just beat it last week. Dear lord that final boss was horrible.

    on 29 September 2014

    Yup, he's the toughest version of Wily from MM1 thru MM10... Who would've known the Wily Capsule was tougher than his main machines?

    Yeah Mia is super cute, even though her voice actress sucked lol.

    on 30 September 2014

    < VanceIX posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    I've been playing Fire Emblem Awakening like crazy. Almost finished with Hard/Classic and going to do Lunatic/Classic after. What FE games would you recommend after?

    My personal favorite is Path of Radiance on the Gamecube, followed by Fire Emblem (no subtitle outside Japan) on the Game Boy Advance. If you play Path of Radiance, I'd highly recommend playing Radiant Dawn on the Wii, as it's a direct sequel to PoR, and it ties up a lot of loose ends from the first game. The story of the console games is also my favorite in the series.

    All three of those games a lot more linear than brace yourself for that. Most Fire Emblems don't allow you to grind, instead making you complete chapters (and optional side-chapters) in a certain order. Second Seals were just introduced in Awakening, so basically you have to play the game with the cards you're dealt, and you have to choose which characters you want to focus on rather than leveing up everyone (if that's what you enjoyed doing).

    I personally like it, since it adds more challenge towards how you develop your army, and is a bit more realistic (instead of grinding for dozens of hours, the story keeps moving foward). If that doesn't sound appealing, I also recommend Sacred Stones, also on the Game Boy Advance. That game doesn't have Second Seals, but it does give you the option to grind, so it might be a good intermediate step before jumping into the more linear ones.

    All in all though, I love the franchise (as I'm sure you can tell XD), so I really would recommend any of them. The only game I really didn't love was Shadow Dragon on the DS, though it's still above average in my opinion. The story just bored me on that one, though the gameplay was still fun. Hard to make a wrong decision! :D

    on 27 June 2014

    Thanks! I'll definitely try Path of Radiance out. I like the openness of Awakening, but I can see where it would seem less challenging. Thanks for the tips!

    on 27 June 2014

    Anytime! Let me know what you think.

    on 27 June 2014

    < _crazy_man_ posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Just started another run of Radiant Dawn. Wanted to recruit Lehran for the first time, to get the true ending and probably be done with the game once and for all. Hard Mode Ike x Mia is AMAZING. Everything dies!!!

    Hell yeah! I'm pretty sure I've used Mia in the endgame chapter of every playthrough of FE 9/10. She and Ike are freakin monsters. Best team!

    Good luck with Hard mode...I actually haven't completed a RD Hard playthough, though I did get all the additional endings.

    Out of curiousity, are you going for the Ike's flashback and true Soren ending on top of that? I only ask because the requirements for those are pretty annoying. I think the Ike scene you have to link a Path of Radiance playthough to access it.

    on 03 May 2014

    Believe it or not I never played PoR. I watched some friends play it so many times (including Manic Mode on a Japanese copy) that I never had any desire to play it myself. Looking back, transferring save data might have been neat for the better base stats and bond supports......But the one's that truly needed it are the new cast the Dawn Brigade since they have the hardest levels in the game (especially in hard mode), minus maybe Jill (Jill + Nolan wrecks in Hard Mode).

    on 03 May 2014

    That's definitely true, the returning cast are the ones who need the bonuses...the Greil Mercenaries in particular are already demi-gods in Part III.

    Gosh, I loved those games. I think one more playthrough on PoR will get me Petrine as a bonus character (no idea how people have the patience to unlock Ashnard).

    on 03 May 2014

    Meh that's just playing over and over. Getting Ike healthy that far down the map with enough Speed (RNG gods dam you) so he doesn't get doubled by the Black Knight in 3-7 is where's its at.

    on 04 May 2014

    Fire Emblem, Zelda, and Tales are 3 of my favorite series as well. You have great taste in games and we seem to have thought very similarly in getting our 3DSs. I also wanted to upgrade my old pre-Lite model DS. Fire Emblem Awakening would be my GOTY 2013 as well. Favorite FE title goes to Path of Radiance however, with Awakening a close second.

    Insame! Path of Radiance is definitely my favorite FE, though 2nd place would go Rekka no Ken (Fire Emblem GBA). I have a tough time ranking the rest, since they all do something great, but Awakening was absolutely fantastic.

    Glad to see someone else here with such good tastes!

    on 23 March 2014

    Ah yes, Rekka no Ken is a close 3rd for me. It was my former 2nd until I played Awakening. I remember seeing the trailer for Awakening and being so psyched, then worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations, but it instead exceeded them.

    on 23 March 2014

    Yeah, I'm also glad it lived up the hype (heck, maybe even surpassed it). I need to another playthrough of that after beat Bravely Default.

    on 23 March 2014

    Yeah, I'm going to end up playing through Awakening probably 3 times at this rate. Maybe more. There's a lot I missed by not marrying Lucina, and the added difficulty without the pressure of limited experience has made me want to try Lunatic+, though I'm considering going casual for that playthrough.

    on 23 March 2014

    < outlawauron posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    I just said they weren't known for their characters for a reason. If a game has 30 or so playable characters, and only 5 are interesting, then my statement would still stand imo. I do realize that Support are largely used for this, but they're still cumbersome at times and shouldn't be the only source of it.

    And as I said, I still like a lot of Fire Emblem characters. I just would consider the series for it's development of characters and depth of characters. Just my 2 cents.

    No, I totally get it, since I've heard it before. It's true that the cast has a lot of 1-dimensional characters, or just cookie-cutter anime stereotypes,

    I just think having a good amount of well-made characters is more than enough to overshadow the fillers. I use Jill on probably every playthrough of FE 9/10 because I love her story so much. The same goes for Jaffar and Nino. To me, having those generic characters mixed in with the gems doesn't make the good characters any less interesting. A good character is a good character.

    Now, if we were just talking about Awakening, as Khan's original statement was pointing towards, I'd probably be inclined to agree with you, as only 2 or 3 characters really interested me in that game. I just find that interesting story and characters are something that I usually remember fondly about the franchise.

    on 18 March 2014

    < timbits10 posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    yo bro u said u wanted to see this video here it is..

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    Oh good! You own a Wii U. Your name goes perfectly with the upcoming Sonic game!

    Wanna join the wii U pact?

    Ha! That game copied me!

    on 07 February 2014


    on 07 February 2014

    < minecraft23 posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    i upload better videos then boogie. stop saying there crap. here is proof there not crap.

    < baconcountry posted something on Super_Boom's wall:

    watch them all find the one that gives free psn code,xbox one code,wii code and stem code.

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