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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion 33 minutes ago by Captain_Yuri

    If anyone wants to stream old anime without a subscription, give this a try: ...

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    The Official Legend of Zelda Thread: BotW Sells 16.34 Million on Switch, Linkís Awakening Sells 4.19 Million

    in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago by HoloDust

    Veknoid_Outcast said: Definitely getting some Zelda vibes with this one: I'd say more than some, visually they pretty much copied it. On the other hand, if I understood it correctly, this is supposed to be more of survival game. I personally dislike heavy survival elements in games, it's P&P RPG game...

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    Fire Emblem Three Houses reviews: Meta: 89, OC: 89

    in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago by IcaroRibeiro

    Finished my White Clouds part with Black Eagles and sided with Edelgard. Decided to play this before finishing Verdant Wind because I will need to play with Black Eagles two timesSo now I'll took some time playing Verdant Wind (currently in chapter 18) and then Crimson flower, rather than playing two back-to-back Black Eagles White Clouds' PartHonestly, Edelgard's White Clouds is just the best...

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    What are you listening to right now

    in Music Discussion on 17 March 2020 by Jumpin

    Just different versions of the same song repackaged... ...

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    6 New fighters in Fighter Pack 2 for Smash. Your Picks?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 February 2020 by JWeinCom

    CarcharodonKraz said: JWeinCom said: The DK/Cranky thing was pretty much retconned with Mario vs. Donkey Kong Was it or was it a case of like father like son? :) Considering Pauline looks like that these days, hard to believe it could have been Cranky in that original game.  Or maybe she just has an amazing skin care regimen. ...

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    List of Games You've Beaten 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2020 by GrahfsLament

    I know this is a bit late (work has been wayyyy too frantic the first month+ of this year!), but I don't think I am (or at least I hope I'm not!) falling foul of the necrobumping rule. For 2019, I set a goal to see if I could average one game per week (for no particular reason), and, at least by my standards, I did just that. Overall, 2019 was another great year for gaming for...

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    The end of Touch Generations? Hasta la vista, stylus!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 February 2020 by SuperNova

    I wonder if they could theoretically bring out an active pen like the Apple Pencil. Not that that would make any business sense, since any kind of good drawing stylus is going to cost around 100$, and no ones going to pay that for an accessory, but it would be an amazing beginner tool for artists. Embarrassingly enough for an artist, I donít know much about how pen technologies actually work...

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    BioShock Collection headed to Nintendo Switch, according to ratings leak

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 January 2020 by Dulfite

    I'm shocked. ...

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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion on 15 January 2020 by Mr_No

    6.5/10 Seems a bit generic and bland, but fairly enjoyable. ...

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    Are the "PC Master Race" days over?

    in PC Discussion on 07 January 2020 by Conina

    Cerebralbore101 said: Can you imagine there being five different eShops on Switch? One for each major publisher? Now imagine there being a crapshoot of wildly varying DRM and EULA policies per store. If any other platform had the ridiculousness of storefronts that PC has, it would get laughed out of the park. But because it's PC we are all going to give it a pass? Can you imagine...

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    Games that were too good for their own good.

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2020 by Mar1217

    2D Mario peaked at Super Mario World. The fact that anything after this one can be describe as "it's good ol' Mario platforming" without any change that could make it standout none other than "new" speaks volume to me. I'm still hoping they'll bring the guns for the next main 2D game with a much needed drastic change ŗ la Super Mario Land 2 (Kinda) ...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 14 December 2019 by Kresnik

    Dgc1808 said: Rebought the system. Should arrive Friday. Wish I had never ditched my first PCH-2001. Welcome back to the club! Sadly the thread isn't so active any more :P ...

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    Circumcision - Yes or No?

    in General Discussion on 10 December 2019 by DarthMetalliCube

    KratosLives said: DarthMetalliCube said: I mean.. Just clean the damn thing. It's not rocket science. And it's not like it's the 1400s or something, modern-day society offers easy ways of cleaning. Women can clearly do it without many issues, why not men? How often do you think men do a good job on proper cleaning their balls and penis, circumsised?? You think they'll be in there...

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    I pulled a horrible prank on my cousin will he ever forgive me?

    in General Discussion on 03 December 2019 by FattyDingDong

    elazz said: FattyDingDong said: Wow I can't believe it's been so long.� But if anyone is still interested in knowing, Jim is doing fine now he has almost finished college and has a girlfriend that loves him. Last I heard from him he was planning on moving to Australia with her after graduating from college. So things are cool between both of you...

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    Bump of Chicken: 2 Anime Music-Videos ("One Piece"..)

    in Music Discussion on 22 November 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    HollyGamer said: I like both, seeing One Piece character in real world setting pluss with all the easter egg moment is great. and on top of that Bump of chicken music . I just wish they have more like this . The animation also great . great to hear! i like the idea with the real world ^^ ...

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    What's the single best game Nintendo has ever created?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 October 2019 by Pavolink

    Jumpin said: I sort of see Galaxy 2 as an extension of Galaxy 1 in a similar way to the Star Road section of Super Mario World - those levels are my favourites of the game. While they are separate from the rest of the game, the rest of the game still exists — Star Road is not satisfying outside of the existence of Mario World. My favourite 3D platforming is from Galaxy 2, but Galaxy...

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    Bluepoint Director teases "Legend of Dragoon Remaster"

    in Sony Discussion on 16 September 2019 by Zoombael

    Summerset said: Bad news: "You might have heard about rumours regarding a Legend of Dragoon remake. It isn’t in the works now from what we know, and Yoshida himself hasn’t heard of it. It segues into Yoshida talking about how hard making remakes and remasters can be. While a remaster can be as simple as graphical improvements and button assignments, remakes are of course, a...

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    Control drops to 10fps on base consoles (DF)

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 September 2019 by curl-6

    Mr Puggsly said: curl-6 said: Looking at Control though, it seems pretty clear Remedy have targeted PC first and foremost with their heavy focus on ray tracing and other high end techniques, then tried to get the game running on hardware that simply wasn't built for this sort of thing. I think its a mix of both console and PC focus. The engine is fundamentally built to...

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    Hideo Kojima don't understand "DEATH STRANDING" himself

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 September 2019 by VAMatt

    Kojima should just go to Telltale style gameplay.  ...

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    Bloodbourne= poor mans Ninja Gaiden and Nioh, prove me wrong.

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2019 by Dgc1808

    Ronster316 said: Dgc1808 said: I don't see it as a "hack-n-slash". Different strokes I guess. I love Bloodborne. Nioh's great too. Was never able to get into Ninja Gaiden. So overall you prefer Bloodborne to Nioh huh, have you played Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2? or just one of the other? NG3 perhaps? Only Ninja Gaiden 1 on Xbox, and later gave it another shot in Ninja...

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