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    "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

    in General Discussion on 03 September 2020 by foodfather

    Not new obv but starting to come back here since getting back into gaming again. But all I am really playing is Halo MCC and Warzone. Honestly shocked I wasn't perma-banned long ago. ...

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    Alien:Isolation is sadly.... very overtracked ;(

    in Sales Discussion on 01 April 2019 by CGI-Quality

    This really didn't need a bump....

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    Prediction: Uncharted 4 will sell 10 million

    in Sony Discussion on 29 January 2018 by DonFerrari

    mjk45 said: JRPGfan said:                                             So many people doubted it would happend :) I am here to defend those that obviously can't defend themselves they might not have a leg to stand on, but I will defend them on...

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    Can Uncharted 4 Hit 9mil+ Lifetime in Sales?

    in Sony Discussion on 21 May 2017 by Intrinsic

    JustThatGamer said: No. UC2 & 3 only passed 6m because of mass bundling, not because it's very popular series. Just look at Google Trends or how relatively small the Facebook fan pages are compared to other popular franchises. Even TLoU would've just scraped past 6m on PS3 without bundling. So again, no (unless it turns out as amazing as TLoU & they bundle it to the Andromeda...

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    PS Community Reborn!!!-An outbreak?! PSX has a date!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 10 October 2016 by axumblade

    Locking thread. Will post link to new thread in this post after its opened....

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    Forget 2015, 2016 is going to be the biggest year in PS console exclusive in years

    in Sony Discussion on 30 August 2016 by Zoombael

    R&C, Uncharted4, Alienation, Rigs, Driveclub VR ... aaand 2016 is better than 2015....

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    PS4 LTD Sales should be at least 140 Millions

    in Sales Discussion on 04 April 2016 by barneystinson69

    Not going to happen. Over 100 million seems certain, but it likely won't pass 120 million, let alone 140 million....

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    Alone: The Untold - PC/PS4 Exclusive

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 November 2015 by InteractiveCreative

    It's been almost 9 months since our last update. Since then we've been hard at work on the game. We are sorry for not beeing more active on the forums. We will try to keep everyone updated atleast once a week. In the meanwhile here's a new piece of concept art for Alone: The Untold.   ...

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    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review Thread - MC: 93/ GR: 91.59%

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2015 by iron_megalith

    This is actually the best MGS in terms of gameplay. Level Design... Lacking though. Their needs to be more boss fights that require certain techniques. Story though. Holy shit. They took out a lot or rather they weren't included in the game. This game was pushing too much Cipher in the dialogue, the only remote thing that has anything to do with Cipher is the last part of the footage from...

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    Until Dawn Review Thread - Meta: 80

    in Sony Discussion on 11 October 2015 by Sully_The_Best

    Back to 80 again....

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    The Official Metal Gear Solid V Thread, Game Breaking Bug Discovered!

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2015 by Conegamer

    ReimTime said:Damn it's gonna take me a while to finish this. 20 hours in and just starting mission 20. If it helps I'm 16 hours in and starting mission 7 :-P...

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    Shenmue 3 would probably have Persona-ish world map if it doesn't get to $10M

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 September 2015 by The_Sony_Girl1

    MikeRox said: The_Sony_Girl1 said: MikeRox said: The_Sony_Girl1 said: i might not have played Shenmue, but I don't remember it being an open world rpg when I watched playthroughs of it. It was open world, but not in the sense of GTA 3 etc (remembering that nothing like that existed at the time). It was cut down into smaller segments with loading screens. But...

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    Killzone SF engine has IMO produced the best-looking games this generation so far.

    in Sony Discussion on 30 August 2015 by kinisking

    Drive clubs engine, cry engine ...

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    Koei Tecmo has PS4-only games in development

    in Sony Discussion on 29 August 2015 by Samus Aran

    ZhugeEX said: Samus Aran said: Ali_16x said: Samus Aran said: Train wreck said:Remember guys, Japanese games do not count towards list wars. They are niche like GT and Fifa. Terrible games don't count, like everything these guys make. As long as they stay far away from Nintendo franchises I'm happy with this news! Right, Hyrule Warriors was a...

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    Until Dawn's frame rate is super cinematic

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 August 2015 by slab_of_bacon

    I just watched a little of this on Twitch and it looked really good. Too bad I'm not into movie games....

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    So Until Dawn...new franchise or what?

    in Sony Discussion on 26 August 2015 by Yafea

    The game turned out to be the biggest surprise of the year. No one expected the good reviews from the critics. I don't think we'll have a 2nd one, but more like another game with the same concept. ...

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    Digital Foundry: Uncharted Collection more than just a remaster

    in Sony Discussion on 26 August 2015 by Yafea

    I can't wait to revisit the Trilogy again. It's been 4 years since the last uncharted game. ...

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    Hideo Kojima thanks fans and promises to continue on creating stuff

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2015 by Yafea

    I hope someone from big three give him his own gaming studio as a birthday gift. ...

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    40% of PS4 owners didn't own a PS3!

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2015 by Leadified

    Locking: Please do not necrobump threads that are over a month old. Make a new thread instead....

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    Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 7 Remake or World of FF ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 August 2015 by KazumaKiryu

    Michelasso said:Why not ALL?! :D because the money : D : P cant wait. gamescom or tgs... offical release date (worldwide) for FF15 is coming, i think....

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