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    My project is complete: 8-Bit Mario and 8-Bit Super Star Pool Mosaics!

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago by COKTOE

    Nice job. Would it be a dick move to say that I would have liked to see a bit more tile artwork? Like maybe Luigi and a koopa, or Mario ans the star on the other side, upside down? I hope not. Again though, nicely done. ...

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    Are you circumsized ?

    in NSFW Discussion on 11 September 2020 by Pemalite

    I would rather leave it to the imagination. ...

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    Do you workout ?

    in Sports Discussion on 26 February 2020 by dukerx2

    Not as much as I would like. Hard to find time with work and family. ...

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    Circumcision - Yes or No?

    in General Discussion on 10 December 2019 by DarthMetalliCube

    KratosLives said: DarthMetalliCube said: I mean.. Just clean the damn thing. It's not rocket science. And it's not like it's the 1400s or something, modern-day society offers easy ways of cleaning. Women can clearly do it without many issues, why not men? How often do you think men do a good job on proper cleaning their balls and penis, circumsised?? You think they'll be in there...

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    Guest characters for Mortal Kombat 11?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2019 by KManX89

    PaulGaleNetwork said: A dark, twisted Bowser would be awesome.Ganondorf or a Ganondorf armor set for Shao Kahn would be cool.Ridley is already pretty menacing and would fit in well.I could see one of those characters possibly making it as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Someone like Link, though really a fun prospect, might not have as great as a chance. We’ll see soon enough!(And in...

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    Gaming on the PS4 is so ANNOYING!

    in Sony Discussion on 03 April 2019 by Signalstar

    outlawauron said: Signalstar said: I love the PS4. It think it is a great console with great games. However, I have not played in seriously in the past two years. Part of the reason is that I have been busy with work/school so gaming just became a lower priority. I also don't write for this site anymore which was once a huge component of my gaming time. I have tried to ease myself...

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    Super Mario Maker 2 OR a Brand New 2D Super Mario Game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 March 2019 by Veknoid_Outcast

    PwerlvlAmy said: Mario Maker 2 is the better and smarter route. 2D Mario games by themselves have felt lifeless and lacking creativity. Plus with the port of NSMB U to Switch, there's really no need for another one at all While Mario Maker 2 is 2D Mario still, its a continued fresh take that lets us keep being creative with the game and improving on it. Some of the levels on the Wii U...

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    Best First-Person-Shooter on Switch?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 February 2019 by CaptainExplosion

    VAMatt said: d21lewis said: My friend at work has been DYING for a CoD style game for the Switch. I'm gonna go ahead and buy this because it looks decent. I want to tell him about it but his mom just passed away a few days ago. Now isn't the time for me to message him. I dunno.  This may be a perfect time reach out to your friend.  When losing a parent, a...

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    ULTIMATE BOLD Prediction [2018] Super Smash Bros Will Sell 15mil WW... In under a MONTH!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 January 2019 by tbone51

    mZuzek said: Holy shit tbone. I mean, you went a little bit too far here, but still, 12m. Damn. I originally thought 12m-13m since it wss under a month but still got greedy as Rol would put it lol.   Japan came thru with 3.17m which is insane. I think it beat MHW but i cant tell...

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    Japan Sales Week 50 Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - December 10 -16 2018

    in Sales Discussion on 30 December 2018 by Jranation

    theDX said: That massive drop at the end. ...

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    Would you like to see a Nintendo character in MK11 and an MK character in SSBU?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 December 2018 by Azzanation

    Hmm not for Mario Kart. I think Mario Kart needs to stay in its own universe. Link was an exception i guess. A better idea would be if Nintendo created a spin off series like Double Dash where they can add duos from other games to race and bash eachother basically Mario Kart Double Dash with outside characters like Link and Zelda, Kirby and MetaKnight etc. I would like to see a MK character in...

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    Are you getting Mortal Kombat 11 on Switch?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2018 by jonathanalis

    Every game with local multiplayer that I want I gonna take on switch. Easy to take to my friends houses and play a lot. However I already have plenty of local multplayer games on switch to play, is hard to keeping up with so many games(im not rich). Lets see when I see more of the game....

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    Nintendo Hollywood is coming to Universal CityWalk (a similar store to Nintendo New York)!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 November 2018 by PaulGaleNetwork

    OTBWY said: PaulGaleNetwork said: You’ll probably see this 35 year old on camera at their Hollywood location.  😁 That's okay, just don't shout the entire direct :D Haha ok!  😀...

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    E3: Name One Game You Want To Be Announced At E3 More Than Anything Else.

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2018 by Pemalite

    Fable 4....

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    Star Fox Grand Prix?! O_O

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 May 2018 by Nuvendil

    curl-6 said: Nuvendil said: Not really in their armor and clothes so much.  And again, it was in servjce of pushing higher details elsewhere.  The increased folliage density, 6 characters on screen as part of your party vs 4, all the numerous engine enhancements, etc. There's no need for such tradeoffs in Starfox though. It is not an open world game. You don't...

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    The same sources that told me about Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga back in 2012, shared Star Fox: Grand Prix, last month.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 May 2018 by PaulGaleNetwork   Back in 2012, I had sources tell me about a game that was being considered to be developed by Retro Studios, Star Fox - Metroid: Fusion Saga. It was a title that I learned never reached development, but was pitched. Last month, those same sources told me about another...

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    Goku for Smash 5? I say YES!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 April 2018 by VGPolyglot

    Snoorlax said: VGPolyglot said: Yeah, there are other all-star games that make more sense, actually he is in J-Star Victory VS. The problem with this argument is that - Shonen Jump/ J-Star all star games are mostly Japan exclusive. - Jump all star are mediocre games - Practically no one cares about these games over here in the west unlike Smash. It would be a huge...

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    Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball GT

    in General Discussion on 01 April 2018 by BasilZero

    GT was awesome. Feel like watching it again, maybe in the future. Super was amazing. For me its... DragonBall Z > Super > GT > Dragon Ball...

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    Will any game come out in 2018 that is better than Breath of the Wild or Mario Odyssey?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 24 March 2018 by Jumpin

    Breath of the Wild is most likely going to be the top game of this generation. The next game that has the best shot at topping Breath of the Wild is the next Zelda game; any expectation of that hitting before 2020? I can’t see Nintendo tying up multiple dev teams again for such a massive project until the next time they need a game of that magnitude; keep in mind they had 300 EPD members plus...

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    Pokemon 2018 - Nintendo Switch or 3DS?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 March 2018 by VGPolyglot

    If they do make another one for 3DS that will shock everyone....

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