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Shadow1980's Wall

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< Shadow1980 updated his status:

Changed my avatar since I've been on a major Hazbin Hotel kick lately (it's gonna be a full series!)

< Shadow1980 updated his status:

Since Halo Infinite is on the horizon, time to bring back the Mega Chief avatar.

I love this avatar, man. Love it! Very excited to see what 343 has been cooking up, even if I'm admittedly a Bungie era fan ... I still have a little hope in me

on 15 July 2020

< COKTOE posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

I haven't watched it in a quarter century, but I did love it. I still do really...but it's been so that Bubblegum Crisis in your sig?

Yes it is.

on 23 June 2020

Knight-a Sabres.....Sanjo! I had it on VHS, and after about a decade, they were lost. Always planned on buying it on DVD, but never did. A blessing in a way, because it's on Blu-Ray, which is a nice surprise. Gotta buy it.

on 24 June 2020

< OnlyForDisplay posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Hello Shadow-Sensei! Remember me, OnlyForDisplay!! I understand it has been far too long since I last visited and a many of things have changed since then!

Most importantly though, I am happy to see that you have become a moderator! Congratulations on that! Hope to talk to you and hear from you soon!

Thanks! Where have you been these past three years?

on 23 June 2020

< cycycychris posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Congrats at becoming a Mod!


on 03 May 2020

< Nu-13 posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Really need to take a break from those gymnastics. The switch is the only 9th gen system. It came out too long after the wii u to be a part of the same gen and is thus 9th gen. Later this year, the ps5 and xsx are coming too long after the switch to be part of the same generation and thus will be 10th gen. Plain and simple.

NPD and Nintendo say differently. End of discussion. You may want it to be Gen 9 because it makes sense to you, but I really don't care makes sense to you. The facts are right there staring you in the face. If you want to ignore them, then that's your problem. Take it up with the NPD and Nintendo.

on 01 February 2020

PS5 and XBSX being 10th gen has to be one of the most stupid thing I’ve read a Nintendo worshipper say in recent time.

on 10 February 2020

< TruckOSaurus posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

This new avatar is unsettling after so many years seeing you as Mega Man.

It's just a temporary thing. I decided to do an 8-bit MM-style Iron Man after seeing Endgame.

I actually did something similar before. Around the time Halo 5 came out, I had an 8-bit MM-style Master Chief avatar for a few weeks.

on 17 May 2019

I appreciate your presence on this site.


on 23 October 2018

Yep. Keep up the great work.

on 23 October 2018

< Wright posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

You are a rockstar :)

< Wright posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

If you're mentally exhausted, you're free to come over here and get some beer, y'know. Don't push yourself too hard.

Spain is too far away from South Carolina, and I don't like beer. Thanks for the offer, though.

on 10 September 2018

< Marth posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Hi Shadow.

How are you? Hopefully you had time to take more care of yourself.

I wanted to talk about the amazon thread. I completely understand your reasons to discontinue them.

So I wanted to ask if I can create a successor or continue the thread instead?

I put a lot of work into my program that tracks the amazon lists and even want to expand it a bit more. Stuff like adding other countries. While amazon is not a good indicator for the US atm I still have hope that the situation will be resolved. Also in the future I would like to create a global amazon trend indicator.

So maybe I can take over the amazon thread so you dont have to stress about it anymore.

Looking forward to an answer.

Best regards,


Sure. I've completely lost interest. The first of the month came and went, and the fact that I hadn't put the July thread up didn't even enter my mind, even though two years ago I was on the ball, mindful of the start of a new month, and regular with the updates. Not so much anymore. Especially now that Amazon's predictive capabilities are now essentially over.

Regarding my mental state, I'm not really depressed. Just exhausted and frustrated. It's just one thing after another these past couple of months for stuff around the house with things breaking or pests invading. So, whenever I have any free time that doesn't involve having to take care of a bunch of shit, I just don't do much of anything that takes any effort. I just want to chill out and enjoy mostly passive entertainment, and anything active I keep simple. I did have a good long break last week, but this week has been non-stop and I'm right back to being exhausted. I guess having no energy is part of getting old.

on 05 July 2018

Things change over time. Thank you for the work you have put into all of these threads! I've been visiting them even before I joined VGC.

Still wishing you all the best, that the amount of stress you have gets to a more reasonable level soon. And you are not that old yet if your age in VGC is accurate :D

Also is that blog in your sig that project you have been talking about? Its an amazing read! Writing this must have taken a lot of time.

on 05 July 2018

< KazumaKiryu posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

hello. how are you today ? hope good. i dont understand one thing.. the amazonUSA-bestsellerCharts are wrong, because Sony and AmazonUSA have a dispute for many weeks. AmazonUSA no longer sells new PS4 consoles!!, including PS4 Exclusive Games - produced directly by Sony! And there are no pre-orders for Sony games possible."That is the reason = "no sony console-games producs" ect in the bestseller. Its only (usa), A bad situation and strange. Would not it be fair if the thread got another name? People always wonder why the charts look like this. I heard that AmazonUSA will not sell new PS4 consoles in the future, so the bestseller-charts are false / not fair in my opinion. PS: Wish you a great E3 : )

These issues have been discussed in the threads already. I have considered disestablishing the Amazon threads after this year if the issue doesn't resolve itself.

on 09 June 2018

< Kerotan posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Why did you stop putting the regional amazon charts into the OP?

< VGPolyglot posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Thanks for accepting You put a lot of work into your threads!

Thanks. All that work collecting data and making charts has had a larger purpose, with a large sales-related article more or less summarizing my arguments about why consoles sell what they do and going on a gen-by-gen breakdown showing how various factors figured into the sales. I started it four years ago, but with the start of a new generation and everything I kept putting it off and rewriting various parts to keep it up to date. However, I'm almost done. I just have to finalize some charts and that'll be it. I'll probably be done within the next couple of weeks.

on 20 March 2018

So, does that mean you won't be doing them anymore after that?

on 20 March 2018

Oh, I will. There's always more data and therefore more charts. That article will never be finished until I get sick of updating it, either. I plan on updating it once a year as long as we keep getting sales figures.

on 20 March 2018

Ah, that's a relief!

on 20 March 2018

< Shadow1980 updated his status:

The Great Sales Project is almost done! Just need to finish some charts.

< Shadow1980 updated his status:

The Great Sales Project is almost done! All the writing and spreadsheet work is done. I just need to annotate a bunch of charts and finally finish this thing I started in July 2014. I'll probably be done by the end of the month, time allowing.

< Mr.GameCrazy posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Welp, that SW thread has been locked.

Good. I have never seen so much petulant negativity directed to a film before. The RT user average is just a result of internet douchebaggery, and I'm sick of hearing hate from the anti-TLJ circlejerk.

on 09 January 2018

< zorg1000 posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Can you please show this man the graphs you have that show launching during the holidays is a huge advantage for launches aligned comparisons?

What's the specific post? I'm not sure if I'm on the same posts-per-page setting as you.

on 15 November 2017

Sorry having a hard time posting links, i think if you just make a stand alone post it will be seen

on 16 November 2017

I think I see the posts you were talking about. Intrinsic and quickrick, right?

on 16 November 2017


on 16 November 2017

< DroidKnight posted something on Shadow1980's wall:

Hope I'm not bothering you, but on the Amazon bestsellers lists, is there an exact time of day that the monthly and yearly lists reset? and if so what time is it?

I'm not sure if there's an exact time of day, but I think the monthly and yearly data updates daily, usually sometime between late morning and mid afternoon Eastern time.

Which reminds me. I need to put the November thread up.

on 01 November 2017

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