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    Rate your consoles!

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2017

    Only Playstation hardware for me so a tad boring. PS3: 9.5/10 - I reckon the PS3 was amazing, last gen had everything i love and more. PS4: 8.5/10 - A lot of time for this console to go up. PSP: 7/10 - It was fun, had some great games but i've never been the biggest fan of portables. PSV: 5/10 - So much potential but it was wasted as it had no support from Sony or other western publishers....

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    E3 2017 winners and losers predictions

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2017

    loy310 said: monocle_layton said: Loser: Microsoft I simply don't see Microsoft achieving enough to make people be amazed. Sure, the hardware may be good, but the software side will continue to disappoint. If the hardware isn't good, then god save them. we all said the same exact shit about sony in 2013 before the next gen consoles were reveled, now look at the end result,...

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    PSVR owners, are you still playing with your device?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 May 2017

    Areym said: SvennoJ said: Is that real? I'm definitely playing that again in VR. To walk around in my own creations in VR!I'm at 92% in HZD, back to VR after finishing that. I still have loading human and Mervils to finish, also itching to get back to DC and Dirt Rally in anticipation of GT Sport. And try to get through some more game+ stages in Thumper and relax with Rez...

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    Naughty Dog & Quantic Dream & Guerilla Games...

    in Sony Discussion on 01 May 2017

    1. Naughty Dog by a mile. They've proved they're one of the best developers if not the best from the games they've put out over the last 10 years. 2. Heavy Rain. I liked Beyond Two Souls as well but Heavy Rain had a better story and its story telling was far superior. 3. The Last of Us. Best game i've ever played, Uncharted 2 is close as that is also one of the my favourite games. 4....

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    Hardest game you've ever beaten?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2017

    Probably Killzone 2, elite difficulty made it by far the hardest fps i've ever played. Another would be the Sebastian Vettel challenges on Gran Turismo 5, they're probably the single hardest thing i've done in a game....

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    This generation - Best story

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 April 2017

    Horizon Zero Dawn. The story sucked me in, i haven't been as extremely interested in a games story like i was with HZD in a long time....

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    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    in Movies Discussion on 29 April 2017

    spurgeonryan said: Unfair, why not US furst. Yea it's weird considering you guys get everything first, i saw it on monday where i live which is New Zealand....

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    What Are Your Favorite 2017 Games So Far?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2017

    1. Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. Ni-Oh...

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    Your most "Zen" experience in a game

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 April 2017


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    Seems Russia can't be trusted after all

    in Politics Discussion on 23 April 2017

    DarkD said: The only threat that comes from Russia is the nukes and maybe some espionage crap, the rest is an absolute joke. They spend 60 billion dollars a year on their military. China spends about 100 billion a year. The USA spends about 600 billion dollars a year on it's military. So even if they combined their firepower, we'd still bury both of them. That's not even including all...

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    WORST controllers you have used.

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 April 2017

    N64 and original XBOX....

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    Next "It's not that great" game

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 April 2017

    All of the above but it think TLOU will be criticized the most....

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    GT sport beta Vs Forza motorsport 6 AI

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 April 2017

    Wow, i expected it to be the other way round....

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    Nintendo Switch selling life time? (poll)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2017

    Way to early to call it but i'm guessing 25-40million but it definitely could be more....

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    Worst game of all time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 March 2017

    SolidSnack said: Shift 2 Unleashed by Slightly Mad Studios (fuck you EA for the Unleashed version) not the worst game of all time, but the one I despise so much because of controller lag - literally the worst controller lag I've ever experienced in a racing game I agree, the cars felt like absolute shit in that game which is a bummer as everything else seemed good, great...

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    How the heck did Sony manage to retake the console market again?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2017

    Because they're better than the competition plus several other reasons but that's the main reason....

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    Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2017

    Definitely Mass Effect from what i've seen and heard, not even close really....

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    Best Souls game? Including Bloodborne and Nioh

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2017

    Bloodborne easily. I haven't played Demon or Dark Souls 1 but i don't think they would change my opinion considering i found Bloodborne to be far superior to Souls. Nioh is really good as well, i love the gameplay and i would say its gameplay is better than Souls but it lacks in atmosphere and immersion compared to FromSoft's work....

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    Best RPG developer on PS4 this generation?

    in Sony Discussion on 20 March 2017

    CD Projekt Red definitely, FromSoft and GG come close with Bloodborne and Horizon but the Witcher is superior....

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    If Breath of the Wild Isn't GOTY, I Don't Know What Is /s

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 March 2017

    KLAMarine said: ClassicGamingWizzz said: GOTY contenders will be red dead redemption 2, horizon, zelda, mass effect andromeda, then there is nioh and nier that scored great but have not a single chance to win or be GOTY contenders ( for the game awards and other goty awards ). In the end read dead will win , rockstar main games always win. Which is a shame because The Last...

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