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    Astral Chain announced for Nintendo Switch! (Platnium Games)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 February 2019

    I could not be more down. Cyberpunk open world game actually set in a city and actually dark with good combat. Just hope the story is good....

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    Update on Metroid Prime 4: Development restart. Retro Studios + Tanabe now working on it

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 January 2019

    animegaming said: zorg1000 said: The rumored Star Fox Grand Prix, if real, might be really close to finished so they have the resources to start the early phases of a new project? I remember one of the people who leaked Grand Prix said that the game was slated for a 2019 release, if its real then the game should at least be in the QA phase by now which would leave a lot...

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    Update on Metroid Prime 4: Development restart. Retro Studios + Tanabe now working on it

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 January 2019

    My eyes couldn't possibly roll any further back. What has Retro been doing since 2013 then?...

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    Furukawa Says Nintendo Could One Day Shift Away From Console Development

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 January 2019

    It's become clearer to everyone that this is inevitable. I'm sure a time will come where Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation will be apps with the only hardware being controllers....

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    So... The NES Service! Does anyone besides me ever play this?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 January 2019

    The original Metroid is really special, and still has elements that I wish other Metroid's had. I like the way the game sets you back to the beginning of whatever area that you start in. They aren't actually so big that you can't overcome them, and the drastic set back makes it a good reinforcement tool when it comes to memorizing the layout of the map. I do think that the health setback really...

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    Why do people get upset by OPTIONAL difficult assists?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 December 2018

    Personally, while I don't mind it on some games, I do mind it on others. I do think that when your target demo is children or those unfamiliar with games, a bit of experiential prioritization is needed. I do think however that there are games where the experience is effected by the difficulty, and I don't at all believe in this democratic notion that everybody is entitled to their own satisfying...

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    Reggie on why Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 December 2018

    If MGSV can run on 360, RDR2 can run on Switch. Hardware isn't the issue here, but I do think what Reggie says here is PR spin, considering that there are obviously games that were made before the switch was announced that have since come out for the Switch. If Rockstar wanted this game on Switch, it would be there....

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    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 December 2018


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    One Year Later, Metroid Samus Returns Still Not Sold Over 500k

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 October 2018

    RolStoppable said:  Snoorlax said:  Sorry we are not interested in your biased reviews. If you aren't interested in the quality of the game, then you won't be able to make a proper sales analysis and subsequently fail to draw valid conclusions. What I am seeing in this thread is very similar to the aftermath of Skyward Sword sales on Wii where people were in...

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    New Study Claims Violent Games Cause Increased Aggression In Youths

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 October 2018

    It's wild that people are literally confronted with a scientific study, and instead of reasonably taking it as such and at least reading through it before resisting its findings, they will just link to another study they didn't read that happens to say what they want it to. I get that this isn't something anyone here wants to hear, but it's literally a scientific study. It's not someone who...

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    ... Locking physical controllers behind a digital paywall

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 September 2018

    I thought this thread was trolling, then I actually read it and agreed, but then I thought about how I want to be mad except I don't care - I want the goofy things and that's that....

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    Remembering Nymeria

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 August 2018


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    Bethesda May Not Release The Elder Scrolls: Legends On Systems That Don't Allow Crossplay

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2018

    JRPGfan said: Lets see if hes fine with loseing like 2/3rds of the console market then.... If the game fails to make the profits they project for it, Im sure he ll change his tune :p Yeah, I mean it's obviously impossible for a game to succeed if it isn't on Playstation, amirite?...

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    NINTENDO stock -34% since March 2018

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2018

    Cerebralbore101 said: My sig explains that pretty easily. A poor E3 showing, and a poor 1st party lineup does a lot of damage. It's been declining well before E3, so I wouldn't even consider that a factor honestly....

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    Reggie on Future Crossovers

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 July 2018

    VGPolyglot said: @spemanig Capcom vs. Nintendo ;-) The dream still lives....

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    Capcom: "MHW can't be done on Switch." But might make a Switch specific MH game. (Rumor)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 June 2018

    I mean that's just ridiculous. The idea that anything like MHW can't exist on Switch when BotW does is just silly. The idea that games like Wolfenstein II and Doom could be graphically downgraded to be playable on the Switch but MHW is this impossible task is silly. Dragon's Dogma ran on a 360. Claims like this are just so absurd and phony to me. I'm being genuine when I ask this: just what...

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    Cyberpunk's demo spec reveal

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2018

    numberwang said: Needs a graphic mod Literally me when I saw the game and it wasn't the bottom pic....

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    How stupid is it that MS doesnt allow cross platform play with Steam on PC with games such as Ark?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2018

    Jumpin said: People are not angry that Sony blocks crossplay, they're angry that if they login their account on PS4 they can never use it again on other platforms without any kind of warning. No, I am very much also angry that Sony blocks cross play. OT: Where has is ever been proven that it's MS blocking cross platform play for Ark? I genuinely can't believe that people are...

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    Fortnite - warning DO NOT play on PS4, or you can't play on Switch (and quick start guide if you're sheltered like me, and didn't know about this game before)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 June 2018

    Yeah I have skins I don't want to buy again so this is pretty annoying....

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    Rate the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 June 2018

    C-. Not good at all. They spent 25 minutes on an enhanced port. But on the other hand, I'd much rather this announcing games years ahead once again. So I respect that they really only showed games up to early 2019. From that perspective, it's more like B-. Their exclusive line up this year looks very decent. I'm still sore that the first half of the year was barren, and to me having Pokémon...

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