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    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

    in General Discussion 21 minutes ago by SpokenTruth

    jason1637 said: SpokenTruth said: I plan to add a new series of charts with my usual posts every night. It's a list of the US states with the total cases, new cases, total deaths, total population, cases per 1 million, and deaths per 1 million.Would you prefer the chart be ordered alphabetically by state or by one of those data points (which one)? Should be ordered by cases...

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    COMG! Japan Pre-order Chart Thread - Daily updates!

    in Sales Discussion 1 hour ago by SpokenTruth

    PAOerfulone said: 3 lousy points?That's the lowest I've ever seen. Bayonetta&Vanquish were at 3 points the first time they entered the charts 8 days ago.   So this is the same 3 points.  Which makes it even more sad. ...

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    Official 2020 US Election: Democratic Party Discussion

    in Politics Discussion 1 hour ago by uran10

    tsogud said: Sooo Trump just announced a plan that's basically Medicare for all, which I thought he might do. Democrats are kinda fucked if he campaigns on that. He's either gonna go through with it, or its gonna be a head fake and he'll blame it not going through on the dems. Either way, he's essentially got 2020 on lock if he pushes this correctly. Unless its Bernie which it wont...

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    Super Official Anime Discussion Thread - Summer 2019!

    in Movies Discussion 2 hours ago by Captain_Yuri

    If anyone wants to stream old anime without a subscription, give this a try: ...

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    in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago by CaptainExplosion

    AngryLittleAlchemist said: CaptainExplosion said: It's because she's as cute as she is nice. Cute like Krystal?  Krystal was less cute more sexy. Isabelle is a cute Shi Tzu who helps others, while Krystal's potential as a character was tragically wasted in her subsequent appearances. *locks Star Fox Command in an air-tight steel vault* ...

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    "Newcomer's Introduction Thread"- What brought you here?

    in General Discussion 3 days ago by Marth

    mimtendo said: Hello! Hi ...

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    [Update] Radiation therapy effective; tumor shrunk significantly and still hasn't spread

    in General Discussion on 26 March 2020 by curl-6

    KLAMarine said: curl-6 said: My surgery is scheduled for the 14th of April, so in 19 days. Thanks for the reassurance, I'm fine with needles, so if that's the worst of it, shouldn't be too bad at all haha. Remember, even if it is cancer; cancer is a word, not a sentence. Treatment has advanced so far and recovery rates are so much better these days. And it may not even be cancer...

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    Football Thread 19/20 Football is (temporarily) cancelled :(

    in Sports Discussion on 12 March 2020 by KiigelHeart

    Dat Premier League dominance though. ...

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    Official Thread: The Impeachment of President Donald Trump

    in Politics Discussion on 13 February 2020 by SpokenTruth

    18 U.S. Code 1513: Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant. (c)  If the retaliation occurred because of attendance at or testimony in a criminal case, the maximum term of imprisonment which may be imposed for the offense under this section shall be the higher of that otherwise provided by law or the maximum term that could have been imposed for any offense charged in...

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    Rumor: Platinum Games will Open a Kickstarter on Monday for a Wonderful 101 Port to Switch and PS4 (COMFIRMED!)

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 February 2020 by cycycychris

    Ultrashroomz said: Congratulations W101, you're the first thing I've ever backed on Kickstarter, and hopefully the last thing I ever back in a good while.That title almost went to Mighty No. 9, but I barely missed the deadline... heh. First and probably last project I have backed as well. Not very interested in kickstarter projects after how many turn into delayed messes. You also...

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    Global Hardware 1 February 2020

    in Latest Charts on 08 February 2020 by trunkswd

    If anyone has looked at the GameDB in the last few days you might have noticed a new "platform" called Series. The team decided a way to offer more sales figures was to create a new platform where each "Game" page will be for an entire Series. We are working on getting those up to date and getting an image for it so it is broken.  ...

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    Nintendo Quarterly Results (Switch 52.48m, Pokemon 16m)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2020 by curl-6

    Nu-13 said: curl-6 said: To provide context, when I said the future being "very scary" I was referring to the fact that I have cancer, so I'm worried about whether I will recover. That said, now that Outer Worlds has been delayed, I can't see a single Switch game with a confirmed release date that I'd consider worth buying at present. So to me, Switch's 2020 is looking almost...

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    Rate the song above you !

    in Music Discussion on 15 January 2020 by Mr_No

    6.5/10 Seems a bit generic and bland, but fairly enjoyable. ...

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    Nintendo Switch accomplishes the sweep in the USA in 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 10 January 2020 by Ryng

    Dante9 said: Calm down, people. Nintendo can sweep the next 5 years, who cares? Stupid dick measuring contest. I love comparing dicks, mine is 19cm :) ...

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    Global Hardware 21 December 2019

    in Latest Charts on 01 January 2020 by OTBWY

    And thus, the SNES was overcome. ...

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    Nintendo Switch Outsells Xbox One Worldwide

    in Sales Discussion on 26 December 2019 by Farsala

    Bofferbrauer2 said: Farsala said: The Wii (and most consoles) ship most of their units within the first 5 years (21 quarters). This is more true today due to worldwide launches in multiple territories. Wii: 93.5% DS: 81.2% 3DS: 75.4% Wii U (lol): 100%, PS3: 72% PS4 (assuming 115m sold): 80% PS2: 55% The reasons PS2 sold as well as it did after 5 years, is because the Wii...

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    Global Hardware 14 December 2019

    in Latest Charts on 22 December 2019 by Slownenberg

    Maybe there will be a bunch of IOU presents for Xmas for Switches haha. If supply is indeed getting low we might see more Switches than normal selling in the couple weeks after christmas. ...

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    Official Playstation Vita Thread! The Last Stand - Ys VIII, Mary Skelter, Yomawari Midnight Shadows, Persona 3&5 Dancing, Atelier Lidy & Soeur, DanganRonpa V3, Demon Gaze II & MORE!

    in Sony Discussion on 14 December 2019 by Kresnik

    Dgc1808 said: Rebought the system. Should arrive Friday. Wish I had never ditched my first PCH-2001. Welcome back to the club! Sadly the thread isn't so active any more :P ...

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    Let's talk Metroid ( New Poll Added: Samus goes to Hollywood? )

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 December 2019 by Wyrdness


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    How would you feel if the PS5 dev kit design was actually the PS5 design?

    in Sony Discussion on 23 November 2019 by asqarkabab

    I will buy it day one ...

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