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Official 2020 US Presidential Election Thread

in Politics Discussion 47 minutes ago by NightlyPoe

Jaicee said: Let me put it this way: Have you ever wondered why Joe Biden has just been coasting to victory without hardly trying so far? Can't say that I have.  2020 and 2016 just aren't the same.  Republicans hadn't been out of power for 8 years in 2016.  The country wasn't going through an economic, health, and race relations crisis that happened on Trump's...

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Does PS5 have a good chance to win the launch season?

in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago by Shadow1980

To address the OP, this really should be limited to just the U.S./NA market, as others have pointed out. Globally, it will be no contest. PlayStation is simply too large of a global brand. As for the U.S., well, it's actually really hard to say. While some may think the delay of Halo Infinite makes this pretty cut and dry, it is worth pointing out (as I did in the Halo delay thread) that most...

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Club Nintendo: The Official Nintendo Thread

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago by curl-6

Sorry. Just been sinking deeper into depression lately. It's hard to find any reason to feel good about the future, no light at the end of this endless tunnel. ...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Discussion Thread

in General Discussion 2 hours ago by jason1637

School reopenings seem to be hit or miss. Some countries are doing great while others not so great. ...

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Xbox Empire - Series X Launching in November | Halo Infinite Delayed to 2021 | Fable, State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport and Obsidian RPG 'Avowed' Announced

in Microsoft Discussion 4 hours ago by shikamaru317

Spade said: shikamaru317 said: 5 needs to be set in Japan. I don't think there is a single other country that is more requested for Horizon than Japan. A Horizon 5 set in Japan even has the potential to sell some Xbox consoles in Japan, which would greatly help with MS getting 3rd party JP support this gen, especially if MS can swing a few JP exclusives as well.  As for how...

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Rushed Video Game Platform Launches

in Gaming Discussion 4 hours ago by curl-6

I've never bought a video game console at launch, as the first few months of one is almost always brutal in terms of having very few worthwhile games. If I'd bought a Switch at launch I wouldn't have had anything to play for over four months til Splatoon 2 came out. I ended up waiting til October so I could get it with both that and Mario Odyssey, with Doom and Xenoblade 2 just around the...

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"Why Did I Wait So Long To Play This?!"

in Gaming Discussion 10 hours ago by JWeinCom

Leynos said: JWeinCom said: Finally got around to checking out Conker's Bad Fur Day. But... probably should have played that back in the day. May have enjoyed it more in my youth, and the control issues would have been more forgivable. As someone who liked the game back then. It's not a great game. It lives on its novelty which is no longer novel. It has very little going for...

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YLOD finally bit me

in Sony Discussion 15 hours ago by DonFerrari

0D0 said: I think I can still boot up my ps3 to play some old gems that aren't on ps4. Although the list of those gems got a lot shorter in recent years. I played all I really wanted before moving on, the only one that I had stopped and later wanted to play was Yakuza 3 or 5, but I will play that on PS4 or PS5 with the remastered collection. ...

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The Moderator Thread

in Website Topics 15 hours ago by Moren

RolStoppable said: Bandorr said: Alara317 is permanently banned. For apparently 3 Alternative ID accounts. So that would be four accounts correct?Runa216 gets a one day ban. So are they one of Alara37's alts?Who are the other two accounts? They aren't they banned? And how did someone with a year (Runa) and 8 (Alara) year old account not get caught earlier? Not sure why it's...

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Official Nintendo Switch Third Party Society - (May 31st Update In Progress! See Links at Top of OP!)

in Nintendo Discussion 19 hours ago by Soren0079

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia ...

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List of Games You've Beaten 2020

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by ARamdomGamer

Sunset Overdrive - PC - 9Sonic CD - PC - Savior of the Planet run - 6Shadow of the Tomb Raider - PC - 7The Messenger - NS - Picnic Panic DLC - 9Tangle Tower - NS - 7.5Detective Grimoire - PC - 6.5Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure - PC - 5Jet Set Radio - PC - 7The King of Fighters '97 - NS - 7Real Bout Fatal Fury - NS - 10Samurai Shodown III - NS - 4Waku Waku 7 - NS - 6.5Code of Princess EX...

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Dante will be available in SMT III: Nocturne HD Remaster! but via paid DLC...

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago by Hiku

Ok I think this may need some further clarification.What I was saying in my previous post was that if a guest character costs money (as is usually the case), expect them to want to try to make that investment back somehow. If its risk based, they may fall short, break even, or profit. If the guest character was offered to them for free (which isn't realistic) then there would be little reason...

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Ghost of Tsushima - Discussion & screenshots thread

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by 0D0

Shinobi-san said: I was contemplating giving this a pass, since the last time I bought a full priced game I ended up not even opening it.But just WOW!!! Videos and screenshots do not do this game justice. It is, in my opinion, the best looking PS4 game to date. Or atleast fighting head to head with HZD (I went back and looked at some of the screenshots i got from HZD and they still look...

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The Last of Us Part II - Review Thread (MC: 94 / OC: 94)

in Sony Discussion 1 day ago by KratosLives

can't wait to see this without any film grain, and to try out the cell shaded mode ...

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Something is going on at CAPCOM: Yoshinori Ono has resigned.

in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago by theRepublic

BraLoD said: Blanka is officially dead. Damn, really?  Not that I played this series since SFII Turbo and Super SFII on the SNES, but that was always my favorite character. ...

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Should a $300 Lockhart be counted alongside Series X in marketshare tallies?

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago by iceland

Slippery Slope fallacy amirite? What’s next?!! We gunna count PCs towards their sales!? ...

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How can a company be this out of touch...

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago by Ultrashroomz

It’s even funnier considering that Nintendo is stepping away from mobile or whatever. ...

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Grounded had over 1 million players in its first 48 hours.

in Microsoft Discussion 4 days ago by iceland

Cerebralbore101 said: A million people trying the game doesn't really mean much. Sales are the true metric of a game's success. But it does look like something cool that I definitely want to check out. I have higher hopes for this game than I do for any of MS's other properties! You know MS is investing more into subscriptions rather than pure sales, this is like saying Netflix...

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dup thread

in Microsoft Discussion 4 days ago by JWeinCom

Locking. ...

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Next Generation Benchmark Report Card Thread

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago by CGI-Quality

Just finished rendering an example of a next gen scene, using next gen lighting/ray tracing techniques (in Unreal 4 and then rendered in Iray), but I could see 9th gen consoles pulling off most of it (I don't expect the raytraced shadows to be quite as accurate, but otherwise, they should get somewhat close). The dust and particles in the lights are things that will see a particular...

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