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    Wright's Wall

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    < BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

    Hope you are doing fine out there, Wright.

    < Shadow1980 posted something on Wright's wall:

    Hey, man. What's up? Haven't seen you around in a while.

    < JEMC posted something on Wright's wall:

    Hey! Since you follow also MotoGP, I just want to inform you that, due to what happened today, the schedule for tomorrow has changed. MotoGP will go first at 12:30h, with the oher two following at 14:00 and 15:30.

    Wait, wait, what happened today? I was in a Smash tournament from early in the morning and I missed it all xD

    on 25 August 2018

    Maybe you already know by now, but yesterday it rained in Silverstone and the re surfaced track didn't drain the water. That led to puddles on track and the MotoGP guys had the worst luck, specially Tito Rabat that ended with broken femur, tibia and fibula.

    Because of that, they decided to move the MotoGP race forward, when it's supposed to be less danger of rain.

    on 26 August 2018

    Actually didn't see the race, but that sucks for poor Tito!

    on 26 August 2018

    There was no race. It rained and the riders said nope.

    It remains to be seen what will happen now, either do the race another day or skip it completely.

    on 26 August 2018

    Hmmm, interesting. What would be the implications of skipping it? Just outright not giving any racer a score?

    on 26 August 2018

    Yep. No points to gain or to lose. Great news for those that lead each class, bad news for the rest.

    on 27 August 2018

    < estebxx posted something on Wright's wall:

    Nier Auotmata is the most amazing game of all time.

    I dunno if the most amazing, but 9S elevated the game far far beyond anything I would have expected from him. Best char by far.

    on 22 August 2018

    Well i have a small but kinda strong crush on 2B so lets just agree to disagree.

    on 22 August 2018

    So does 9S, my man. So does he.

    on 22 August 2018

    Though i very much felt for what 9S went through, thats a lot of emotional pain...

    on 22 August 2018

    Taro at his sadistic peak xD

    on 22 August 2018

    If anything the true ending being a happy one was the biggest surprised of the game for me, i never expected Taro to put something like that in the game, i even shed some tears of joy at that ending.

    So GOOD.

    on 23 August 2018

    I suppose it's due to the main characters not being outright genociders like in past games. Taro has always made a point of not giving killers a happy ending (something that always gets worse the more you play), but unlike the guy in Drakengard who pretty much butchers everything his way, or Papa Nier who leaves no shade alive, the YoRHa team does not always fight robots, as evidenced by the Pascal community or some other robot societies/sidequests.

    That being said, "happy" is quite the word to define it. Although makes me wonder what happens when 9S is reconstructed, yet his persona is flying in the ark alongside Adam and Eve.

    on 24 August 2018

    < Darwinianevolution posted something on Wright's wall:

    I just found the polish cover for Submarine Titans! I have them all now!

    on 18 June 2018

    That's what you get for chasing your dreams!

    on 19 June 2018

    I also found the total sales of the game! Who would've though that info would be available on the internet?

    on 19 June 2018

    Makes you wonder what doesn't Internet has!

    on 19 June 2018

    < the-pi-guy posted something on Wright's wall:


    Hello hello, how is it going

    on 03 June 2018

    It's going good! It's been a while!

    on 03 June 2018

    Nice to know one of us is doing good (?)

    on 03 June 2018

    What's up?

    on 03 June 2018

    < Xen posted something on Wright's wall:

    I am entrusting you with my time and money....


    Great choice, especially since it includes all the expansions.

    Just don't expect any sort of challenge; there is none. Your hero is already overpowered as he is, and it only goes downhill (or uphill, depending on how you like to look at it) from there. Outside that, there's plenty to appreciate here, so I'd hope you at least get a positive impression from it.

    At the very very worst, I think you can easily find a 6/10 game here. Which is something!

    on 09 May 2018

    Is this where I buy my goat?

    no, you'd have to ask LordGoat for that

    on 07 May 2018

    < Xen posted something on Wright's wall:

    Leon's campaign done - why is the meta for RE6 PS4 60, exactly? I mean, sure, things stopped making sense toward the end, but it's not about sense, it's about fun, and fun was had.

    ...though, I could do with a slower pace, like RE5.

    I liked RE6 a fairly lot, but I daresay it's not without its issues. I agree, it's a fun game - much much better in co-op, sans for what I already said the Ada's campaign -. Camera is sometimes obtuse, there is an awkward and stiff sense of movement and on everything you do, and some of the game's most interesting mechanics (like counter or quick-recovery) are never explained at all. Dunno if you knew this, but pressing the melee button when you're thrown into the ground, the very moment you hit it, will make the character roll and recover much much faster than just letting him stand still.

    I think it is the bombastic, non-stopping element of action what drove a lot of critics back, and the ongoing hate for QTEs only helped lowering the metacritic. Leon's campaing highlights one of my biggest issues with the game: taking a final boss and shoving him over and over and over again even though you've already defeated him several times. Chris' and Ada's campaing tone this down, but it's especially severe in the case of Jake's.

    Besides, I understand where you are coming from, but I agree with its metacritic in the sense that...a 6 is a good score. It's what I'd rate the game, pushing aside the fact that some people think anything below an 8 is utter trash. If I had to leverage it to metacritic's average, then the very thin line of 75 is what I'd give it.

    It is cool to hear you're liking it. I know I did. Leon's campaing is imo the one that starts the best but the one that slogs the most toward the end. On the other hand, Chris' starts the worst but it's probably the one I liked the most towards the end. Jake one is weird as heck, and Ada's is...more of a clossure than anything else (you are supposed to unlock it after beating the other three, but later Capcom released a patch that unlocked it from the get-go, dunno why), so it fullfill its job.

    on 12 April 2018

    I only discovered quick shot after finishing Leon's campaign, so the honest answer is: no, I did not know about fast recovery :D

    6 is good indeed, but it is a bit less than the game deserves. It's worthy of a 7 rather - and it translated to the PS4 beautifully: a lot of the graphical assets and effects hold up very well. Action is fun. Story is goofy as heck, but so is the one in RE4 for example.

    on 13 April 2018

    Quick Shot is very, very useful! It'll give you invulnerability frames and dispatch of an enemy at the cost of one stamina bar, so it's another thing to take into consideration.

    Also, my experience goes with the 360 version, so I had to endure jaggies, fps dips and some other issues (like the game shipping in two discs, the second one...being an installer for voice acting, lolwut). Goofiness is a trademark of RE pretty much, although I'm still one of those who kinda disliked the whole direction the franchise took after RE4 happened (Still like the games themselves for what they are).

    I'd suggest enduring Jake's campaing now since it's the weirdest; then again, if you're playing with your girlfriend, might want to leave it for the end, considering the campaign's undertones e_E

    on 13 April 2018

    I don't know what to say aside from lol @ voice acting install disc, of all things.
    We are going through in order, though I guess we will have to pass the controller to eachother during the Ada campaign, since it is buggy in splitscreen after all.

    on 16 April 2018


    It was weird because since I play in English, it was an useless disc for me too. I appreciate the gesture, though, rather than give people a downloadable code for those places with poor internet.

    Let her play as Chris.

    on 16 April 2018

    < the-pi-guy posted something on Wright's wall:


    'Ello there. What is up?

    on 21 March 2018

    It's been a while.
    How are you doing?

    on 21 March 2018

    Doing nothing with my life at the moment xD You?

    on 21 March 2018

    It happens.
    I'm good. Busy, busy. School, life.

    on 21 March 2018

    Treasure school while it lasts.

    on 21 March 2018

    I am.

    on 21 March 2018

    Good, good. Though don't do like me, try to secure a route before it ends, to at least not find yourself doing nothing for a while.

    on 23 March 2018

    There's a lot of job availabilities. Not worried.
    Have a family to take care of.

    on 23 March 2018

    < Chris1596 posted something on Wright's wall:

    Hey man itís been a while! How are you doing?

    Not doing much with my life, tbh. How about you?

    on 16 March 2018

    Ahh really? I just started my dream job so life is good!

    on 17 March 2018

    What's your dream job?

    on 17 March 2018

    I started working for Sony!!

    on 17 March 2018

    Oh really? What branch you're working in?

    on 21 March 2018

    It’s at Sony Music HQ it’s an office job I’m a supply planner for EA games

    on 21 March 2018

    Woah, that comment came out messed up!

    on 21 March 2018

    Wow yeah it did, I said it’s at Sony Music HQ and I’m a supply planner for EA games 😁

    on 21 March 2018

    I can kinda gather what you're saying despite the message being broken again. That is cool, you enjoying it?

    on 21 March 2018

    Yeah weird, and so far I love it!

    on 22 March 2018

    < Shadow1980 posted something on Wright's wall:

    The Trap Thread was locked. :(

    Just like Arthas at the doors of Stratholme, my hand was forced to close it, as Mal'Ganis had arrived there.

    I can always open a 2.0. version. :P

    on 10 February 2018

    < VGPolyglot posted something on Wright's wall:

    Merry Christmas!

    Where's Laguna

    on 25 December 2017

    < Wright updated his status:

    Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn.

    SHE'S BACK!!

    on 19 December 2017

    She was just waiting for the best moment to come back.

    on 19 December 2017

    < BasilZero posted something on Wright's wall:

    Why Hello there stranger~


    on 13 December 2017

    Got a selection of GOOD THINGS, stranger!

    on 14 December 2017

    < gooch_destroyer posted something on Wright's wall:


    GOOOOOCH, how's everything?

    on 05 December 2017

    It's going!

    on 06 December 2017

    to where?

    on 06 December 2017

    < VersusEvil posted something on Wright's wall:


    Hello there. How is it going?

    on 01 December 2017

    It's ok I suppose. You?

    on 01 December 2017

    Cleaning the house. Which sucks. xD

    on 01 December 2017

    < BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

    P4? You can't get a single one right, always wright!

    I'm not much of a fan of Persona 4, it's just that Adachi is awesome.

    on 09 November 2017

    Not only Adachi was obvious as fuck, he wasn't even cool to begin with!
    At least pick Naoto or something.

    on 10 November 2017

    Naoto is great. So was Chie. Pretty much the entire Investigation Team was great, sans Yukiko which was annoying as fuck.
    I don't care that Adachi was obvious as fuck. It's Adachi's nature what rocks. He's the better character than everyone else because at least he doesn't indulge himself in some stupid narrative.
    He made it into the police force so that he could legally carry a handgun, after all.

    on 10 November 2017


    on 10 November 2017

    The fact that there's an Accomplice ending in the Golden version makes it even better.

    on 10 November 2017

    Yukiko hater =/

    on 11 November 2017

    Wright doesn't know the good stuff.

    on 11 November 2017

    I prefer people whose defining trait isn't "not wanting to take on my parent's successful business and omg I can't understand why people would want me even though everyone seems to drool around me", thank you very much.

    on 11 November 2017

    < Wright updated his status:

    Why choose reality when you can have a world of your own making? That's clearly the choice, y'know...I mean come on, we all prefer the easy life. You see, all reality ever gives you is boredom and bickery. And no one truly wants to live in a world like that. It's only because they think they have to accept it that they have to buck up deal. There's only one thing that's going to set you apart and let you succeed in life: it's the magic ticket they call 'talent'. And if you don't have it, then your left to rot in despair. Game over. So wouldn't we better off without this reality crap?

    We don't have to accept it? There's an alternative?

    on 06 November 2017

    Hedonism; I was paraphrasing the best Persona 4 character.

    on 06 November 2017

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on Wright's wall:

    Your best avatar ever.

    Yeah, Adachi-kun is awesome.

    on 02 November 2017

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