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    < Cobretti2 posted something on danasider's wall:

    Hey sorry about the extreme opposites post. Was trying to get the other person to respond as I thought they were being stupid with their analysis of the situation. Sadly they seem he thinks a woman is just someone that there when the guy needs them and not a two way relationship.

    Yeah, it's no problem. I was clarifying why my language was somewhat strong, but I didn't take offense at your post.

    on 09 September 2018

    < endimion posted something on danasider's wall:

    I was saying the Sony fan base is convinced that Sony has already won next gen (which means will sell more than MS by a lot from the get go). and said MS got huge victory on Sony by breaking their dominance on the console market which is a proven statement. We are on a sales chart website talking and betting on sales.... you don't need to be a fan of one side or the other to make constatations of facts or supposition on the future ???? I was exactly saying that the next gen will be probably the tightest race ever to sales victory, I hardly see how that is being a fanboy??? I 'm not saying MS will destroy Sony, even if I do believe MS will sell to a wider market

    I'm aware this is a sales site and do care about the state of each console. I understand that whose ever console does well means that that consumer will reap benefits in terms of better games due to more 1st and 3rd party support ect. So I get why you would care. I'm totally with you which is why I am on this site. And even though I made this account just this year, I've been going to this site to read the interesting debates for several years now so I know that you aren't the only one to express yourself the way you did. It's just the way you wrote it struck me as somewhat fanatical and at the very least silly. And even though I love Sony's consoles, I do hate when the fan base gets ahead of themselves and declares "victory" too. Just the idea of declaring one set of consumers as victorious (and implicitly declaring the others as losers) on the basis of a company's performance is a little over the top to me. So even though I agree with what your point...I myself have chimed in on "PS3 wins console race" type boards because I personally believe the 360 had much more of an impact by gaining so much ground and the Wii just plain out made the most money...the way you expressed it was over the top, somewhat trolling and it baited me to respond. Sorry for the novel of a response. I don't mean to be a keyboard warrior or anything and don't want to offend you. Just those types of posts are the ones that set off a bunch of "well this fanbase is going to win and is better" type replies which has made it almost unbearable to read some threads lately. But I mean no ill-will and actually agree with your points.

    on 24 July 2013

    well we pretty much agree. I was just saying nothing is played yet IMO and the race of next gen sales will be tighter than ever and people shouldn't jump to conclusion 4 month prior launch.
    because this gen proved that things can be shaken from the get go (MS trumping sony when nobody expected it to be possible especially from MS *that's the victory for MS on a business level I was referring to, not for me or the customer*) and we've seen even with a huge initial gap that it is possible to climb back during the race (Sony being on par or even over MS now)
    I wasn't offended it's just since they locked the post I felt like I had to explain better myself maybe.
    It might have been a little bit baiting the Sony fan base but then again it's not like they don't look for it coming into the MS forum and throwing useless one liners like they do (for some of them, I never go in the Sony forum myself so I wouldn't know if the MS fan base does the same). At least I try to use facts not just my blind fan attitude like some do.
    See ethomaz is a clear sony fan but at least you can have sound arguments with him, that's what is missing in some threads sometime

    on 24 July 2013

    < wfz posted something on danasider's wall:


    That's the woman in the tutu.

    Oh thank you, hehe. I guess the sarcasm in the reply went way over my head.

    on 12 May 2013

    < tbone51 posted something on danasider's wall:

    Hello Newbie!!!! Welcome to the site :->

    Thanks :)

    on 03 January 2013

    Yes welcome!

    on 26 January 2013

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