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    leaving MS consoles after ten+ years

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 February 2018 by kazuyamishima

    Right thing to do! I just got a xbox one S 1tb minecraft limited edition for just $175 total about a few days ago just to play 360 games and playing 4K content....

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    Hillary Clinton's memoir - it was Everyone Else Fault I lost...

    in Politics Discussion on 22 September 2017 by numberwang

    I am with the cool and hip teens... (why are these ads still produced, did the find some left-over money in the couch?)

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    Black Friday: What did you buy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 November 2016 by Solid-Stark

    I got Batman Return to Arkham and Titanfall 2 on PS4...

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    Pokemon X/Y ORAS Community Thread - Trade, Battle, Breed, and Discuss!

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 May 2016 by trasharmdsister12

    uran10 said: Friendcode: 1908-2440-2233 Will add you to the OP and my 3DS later tonight :-)...

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    What's Your Favorite Dessert?

    in General Discussion on 30 January 2016 by spurgeonryan

    If you are bored play some Devil's Third. @ OP' Lolipops dipped in vaginas....

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    Alone: The Untold - PC/PS4 Exclusive

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 November 2015 by InteractiveCreative

    It's been almost 9 months since our last update. Since then we've been hard at work on the game. We are sorry for not beeing more active on the forums. We will try to keep everyone updated atleast once a week. In the meanwhile here's a new piece of concept art for Alone: The Untold.   ...

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    Games that came out on your birthday?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 September 2015 by oldschoolfool

    I don't think anything has come out on may 15th of note. lol...

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    What is your favourite Pokémon type?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2015 by mtachi

    1. Ice 2. Psychic 3. Flying I feel like they are elegant and beautiful...

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    in Gaming Discussion on 25 April 2015 by Alby_da_Wolf

    I'd like to ask you a couple of questions: Which genre will your indie game be? Will you make it for PC too and in this case, as a rough estimate, what will be its minimum and recommended requirements?...

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    5 movies from the year you were born

    in Movies Discussion on 25 April 2015 by Zappykins

    I told my friend the number one song when I was born was 'To Sir with Love.' He just sneered and said, "It figures." I haven't seen these all: Guess who's Coming to Dinner The Jungle Book Wait Until Dark You Only Live Twice (yea, a Bond!) Doctor Dolittle (the REAL one.)...

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    Pokemon Starter Elimination Game Typhlosion wins, Charizard 2nd, Blastoise 3rd.

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 February 2015 by Conegamer

    Congrats to Typhlosion! And to all who took part, as well. Locking....

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    Favorite Nintendo Character

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 February 2015 by Recycle001

    Toon Link(aka Link from Wind Waker). Looks great, has great facial animations and is all around just a great incarnation of Link. ...

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    So a 14 year old drew this on Miiverse

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2015 by CleggaZ

    Damn thats nice....

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    Personality Test

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2015 by bigtakilla


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    What do you consider the BEST console you ever owned?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2014 by trent44

    Ranked (Ignoring Backwards Compatibility): 1. Playstation 2. Game Cube 3. Playstation 2 4. Playstation Portable 5. Game Boy Advance 6. DS 7. SNES 8. Playstation 3 9. Wii 10. 3DS 11. N64 12. Playstation Vita 13. Dreamcast 14. Gameboy Color 15. Gameboy 16. Saturn 17. NES 18. Genesis 19. Turbo Graphix-16 20. Game Gear 21. Master System 22. CD-i 23. Virtual Boy   I guess...

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    Cutest game : LBP3(ps4) vs Captain Toad TT(wii u)

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 October 2014 by mcronesixteen

    Captain Toad!...

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    Who's your favorite video game character of all time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 August 2014 by Reaper2170


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    Series Elimination Game - Results Are In!

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2014 by AZWification

    Areym said: Well shit man, can you think of a better console than the almighty PS2, master of gaming diversity? The SNES just barely passes the PS2 in terms of awesomeness for me.. :-P...

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    A Closer Look at LittleBigPlanet 3’s New Characters: Swoop, Oddsock, and Toggle

    in Sony Discussion on 20 June 2014 by Augen

    I still love Sackboy, but Oddsock is great addition. See my wife playing as Swoop to reduce frustration in co-op....

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    What's your favourite thing about Nintendo games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 June 2014 by AshKetchum1992

    For me it's their level design especially 2D and 3D Mario levels and Zelda dungeons...

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