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akuma587 said:
Did you even watch Nintendo's E3 presentation? That was some of the most shameless promotion to casual gamers that I have seen from Nintendo to this very day. The strategy seems to be working for them, so w/e, but please do not act like they are as committed to the dedicated gamers out there as they used to be.

Yes, I watched the whole E3 conference of Nintendo and you apparently watched it too, given your comments in the Nintendo's E3 press conference thread. But somehow it seems you only saw what you wanted to see (that Nintendo is abandoning the core gamers). 

The truth is Nintendo clearly stated that they still will make games for these group of gamers and that they will support 3rd parties more than before to deliver core games on their console, see Mario Kart, online gaming and use of Miis in EA games for example.

Nintendo still is making as much core games as before (if not even more, considering the large output of games on the DS and Wii) and is also making games to expand the videogame market. Sure, the percentage of core games they release shrunk, but the number didn't. The casual games Nintendo makes don't come at the expense of their core games. 

If you want to think that Nintendo is abandoning the core market, go ahead and do so. But reality proves you wrong.

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