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The Fury said:
mZuzek said:

I want Liverpool to sign a manager who will give these players a slap to the face.

Who do you want? With Klopp's success it's going to be hard to follow, could be in for a Man U years for a while. :P

I just hope they pull things back after last weekend to stop Man City, anyone but city winning the league again.

And odd to think that the only England team left in Europe is now Villa in the conference.

Who I want is Xabi Alonso, but since that's not happening, honestly I have no idea. Just like I said, someone who will give these players a slap, because I feel like the way this Liverpool team have been playing only happens because Klopp will keep patting players' backs. I'm so tired of seeing this team play the same tired, repetitive, soulless game. Back pass, sideways pass, Van Dijk to Konate, Konate to Gomez, Gomez to Alisson, Alisson to Macca, Macca to Robertson, Robertson to Van Dijk, rinse and repeat. You'd swear based on today's game, Liverpool had the lead and were managing the game. Which technically I suppose they had, if you don't include the aggregate score.

We haven't scored a non-penalty goal in over 300 minutes of football.

It's one thing to play like this once or twice but when Liverpool get in this mood they just keep doing it over and over. We've had two seasons (20/21 and 22/23) where it went on for the whole year. But I didn't expect it to randomly start happening again at the very end of what was a potential quadruple season just a few weeks ago. Klopp is great at building a team and creating a positive atmosphere within the club but any other great manager stops this kind of thing before it becomes a real problem.

I think you're better off hoping Arsenal wins the league.