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mZuzek said:

Wow, just saw the news, pretty shocking stuff, feels like it came out of nowhere. Also shocking is how most of the coaching staff is leaving along with Klopp, so there won't be much continuity after his work, really more of a fresh start. Hopefully we get a good manager in to replace him, maybe Xabi Alonso is the answer? Either way, really hope we send him off with a Premier League title.

Alonso is favourite right now on betting apps. I might have had my gripes with Klopp over the years but never as a manager. Thought he moaned about certain rules a bit too much, they don't need 5 subs for example, but how he's managed Liverpool has been superb. He never seemed to go around just splashing cash on players and seems to still get the best from who he did get. Well, time will tell on Nunez. :P

Jose 25/1, btw.

Hmm, pie.