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SegaHeart said:

Bolded, I try to be malicious but I just can't I can never say the most horrible things or exploit others, I did ask to get banned on my own volition for my health they told me they can't do that they don't give out free bans for those wishing voluntery bans I guess I have to think of something I must do to get banned but it'll be out of character of me to do something (egregious + malicious) Most of the time I feel feable and post this too which is my true character

If not able to practice self control and need assistance, depending on what platform you use there are platforms that can block sites, some can even do it based on time of day to limit how many hours of week you are able to access.  Another option might be to reset your password to a random string and give it to someone you trust until ready to be unbanned.