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Hiku said:
SegaHeart said:

Whoever I pm I do get my message back, I'm allowed to message the mod team about bans they don't give out free bans they only ban you for doing something very horrific, I even posted some NSFW I still don't get banned (you can't ban people for smaller things anymore unless you're a certain user I try bringing up crazier things I get a pass somehow I think I generate website clicks or something for few ridiculous threads?)

It's not about whether you generate any clicks or not (which I have no idea about), but rather we've been considerate of your situation that you communicated to us a while back, which made some of your transgressions appear not malicious.

But for the same reason, we'll consider making an exception to your ban request, and are discussing that currently.

Bolded, I try to be malicious but I just can't I can never say the most horrible things or exploit others, I did ask to get banned on my own volition for my health they told me they can't do that they don't give out free bans for those wishing voluntery bans I guess I have to think of something I must do to get banned but it'll be out of character of me to do something (egregious + malicious) Most of the time I feel feable and post this too which is my true character