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the-pi-guy said:

Finished Dark Souls 3 story, working on getting the platinum. 

yeah you have fun with that. Dark Souls III is one of my favourite games ever but hot damn the platinum is a slog unless you are really good at PVP. 

There are trophies for different endings, so you have to beat the game multiple times. 

There are trophies that literally require multiple playthroughs as well because some of the items/quests have opposing faction requirements. 

The spell related trophies (Faith and Sorcery) require covenant upgrades that either require dozens of hours of grinding for covenant items or immaculate PVP capability. 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the game (it's my favourite of the trilogy and a rare 9.6 on my rating scale), but hot damn is the platinum quest an absolute nightmare. Please be aware of what you're getting into so you don't accidentally find yourself resenting the game. I'd say it's easily the hardest and most annoying of the Fromsouls games to platinum. Actually, all three Dark Souls games have similar requirements, but 1 and 2 aren't as bad. Demon's Souls is pretty straightforward, Bloodborne is a breeze, Sekiro has some tricky trophies that require multiple playthroughs but is overall not terrible. Elden Ring is basically 'beat all the bosses, get three endings, collect a list of certain items', which can all be done with a single run with no missable trophies as long as you're smart and do a save scum or two. (I'm working on getting the platinum a second time becuase I love Elden Ring)

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