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I haven't seen my life progress and last 2 months I lost alot of money because USA puts little effort in the people and the food prices and gas really taking money away from me and the I just opened a patreon I charge 1 dollar per month it's so I can still keep being happy since I post content I have in my patreon remixed songs So im not begging I'm actually doing remixed songs  here is my patreon

here's my remixed youtube song

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 05 August 2022

Guess which version of Hatsune Miku this is? She has my Birth stone color turqoise in her eyes, And I'm most honest Sega Saturn lover alltime.Picture far right is Sega first Real Mascot. Represents my birth animal the helpful Bunny want you to find his name.My ruling Planet is Saturn if connect the Birth month I was born and year.