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zero129 said:
^^ and to think i have over 2K subs from just uploading a mickey mouse video xD.

I know it's based on demographics , and Fighting games is the low of the low in most youtubers I should do Mickey mouse too? Even my friend Latino1976 started playing Mario Kart 8 more and kinda abit of Mortal Kombat but I only watch his Mario Kart streams and everybody else while the Mortal Kombat one  I usually never watch hes like the biollion of players either high player or average but never made top 3 in major tournaments like combo breaker. I am ignoring most of fighting games and going sonic and yoshi

Guess which version of Hatsune Miku this is? She has my Birth stone color turqoise in her eyes, And I'm most honest Sega Saturn lover alltime.Picture far right is Sega first Real Mascot. Represents my birth animal the helpful Bunny want you to find his name.My ruling Planet is Saturn if connect the Birth month I was born and year.