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OdinHades said:
mZuzek said:

As someone who owns Nintendo consoles I don't mind it too much that those stay exclusive, but still, would be awesome to play them in 4K at 60fps. But even without Nintendo exclusives, PC master race.

You can play Nintendo titles on PC just fine, thanks to perfectly legal emulators. Sure, it's a little bit of a hassle to set everything up, but once you've done that, it works like a charm. I even play Nintendo exclusives on my Steam Deck. :)

Eh, sure, I've tried a few, but it's nowhere near as good as a native port. Maybe if I had a very high-end PC, but in the mid-range it makes a big difference. Switch emulation is getting better quite quickly but it's still emulation and will always have its little issues, besides, it always takes a long time in each generation until it starts catching up.

Also on a more general note, while PC is already amazing as is, it'd be really perfect if we started seeing a majority of games coming over to GOG. You know, so we can actually own the games. It's awesome that so many games are coming over but Denuvo is a common word between many of these new releases and that sucks.

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