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Long gone are the days when it was popular to say PC master race, yet only now does it truly feel like it's become just that.

The other day when I was playing Guardians of the Galaxy, it was a constant struggle to find the right graphics settings for my PC. I wanted the most graphics and pixels onscreen but inevitably always had to settle for the 900p which gave me good performance. It was also kind of a big hassle to get everything working right, the setup, the controller and all that stuff which is way more practical with consoles. So it made me want to get a new console, not like I have any money to do that now anyway.

Then I go and check them online. The new consoles only run the game at either 1080p60, or 2160p30. Well that's disappointing. Then I look up the prices. Any one of them would cost twice as much as a decent GPU, which is the only underwhelming thing about my PC. Any RTX card I get will give me significantly better performance, so there goes any wish of getting a console.

It's really great to have all the Microsoft exclusives and now most of the Sony exclusives too. As someone who owns Nintendo consoles I don't mind it too much that those stay exclusive, but still, would be awesome to play them in 4K at 60fps. But even without Nintendo exclusives, PC master race.

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