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Thats right folks, As two of the big three are embracing PC it is bringing us gamers all together. As it should have always been.

PC is making platforms no longer exist as a talking point for arguments, but is putting developers who make great games now in the spotlight(And yes great devs have always been a talking point but in console wars). Now with Sony embracing PC and doing a pretty damn good job of it with their ports thats just getting better and better with each one. Its an amazing time to be a PC gamer. We just need Nintendo to get on board instead of leaving PC gamers to use emulation to play their games anyways. So they might as well embrace this new age too and get some of that good PC gamer money.

Sony are now becoming one of my fav PC devs as their ports are getting even more features then MS ports a once PC studio.

I welcome my new brothers and sisters to my gaming space and will enjoy your games with you. Long live the Gamers!!.

(Notice this post was done well i was drunk so could or might not be edited tomorrow when i wake up).

(Notice 2: i had a lot more to say but am too drunk right now to give my speach on how PC being open is such a good thing for us all, maybe you will get the rest tomorroew)