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I'm still using a PS4 and Xbox One X to me I am not into those things yet? The library is not massive and the games I want are still being made for PS4. I can wait still as for games the collectors edition are a real problem definitely. Nintendo and Sony need to set a barrier for retail stores to not buy multiple copies of collector editions through bots online and the employees who hoard those collector editions should be fired I'm glad Shin Megami Tensei 5 collectors edition was 90$ brand new sealed on Ebay while at launch it was $120 or something that's what I call betting on the wrong horse like Atari VCS console launch in 2020. I look at Scalpers not having mass knowledge of gaming since they are not a hardcore player or understand a deep story. 13 sentinels was $15 on PS4 for a very long time It's now $60 on PS4 because it got ported on Switch I'm always 6 steps ahead of scalpers I don't break on Modern gaming. I don't care about a collectors edition of the next 2D sonic game since I care more about a World Record than some extra's some scalper took F them They'll see my name in Sonic leaderboards checking online I got the last laugh also more fire in their ass is my World Records is in Sonic Center and moreso than the leaderboards.

Guess which version of Hatsune Miku this is? She has my Birth stone color turqoise in her eyes, And I'm most honest Sega Saturn lover alltime.Picture far right is Sega first Real Mascot. Represents my birth animal the helpful Bunny want you to find his name.My ruling Planet is Saturn if connect the Birth month I was born and year.