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sc94597 said:
Machiavellian said:

The biggest issue with the overturn of abortion is that it's only going to affect the poor. 

It will disproportionately affect the poor, but not only affect them. Doctors are going to be much slower in addressing critical health-conditions for pregnant women, such as hemorrhaging, because of the new law -- increasing death-rates of pregnant women -- regardless of their income-level. Compare that to the state of California which halved its maternal death-rate by enforcing a state-wide recipe/algorithm for when to address hemorrhaging. That is just one example of an unintended consequence. Plus few women want to tell their employers they're getting an abortion, even if the corporate policy is pro-choice. 

You do not have to tell your employer you are pregnant, that is an insurance claim, but I do understand where you are going with the rest of what you state.  Not sure how long it will take to see the impact of this decision.