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SanAndreasX said:
Machiavellian said:

Yes but they do not need to come out to the polls for any decision going to the SC.  Those Justice are not going anywhere for a while so they may feel content that they finally have a majority that cannot be voted out.

They will still come in droves to the polls. Republicans generally do better in midterms anyway, and the right has spent the year ginning up anti-LGBT sentiment 

That is exactly what I want to see.  Conservatives have been pushing this narrative for overturning Roe vs Wade for a long time but now that they have gotten their candy, trying to drum them up is going to be a little more difficult.  While on the other hand does this push America as a whole towards the Dem platform for religions freedom as more people may feel Christianity and religion in general is threatening their freedoms.  In the next couple elections we will see how this all plays out.  While I believe both parties believe they know what motivates the electorate at least their base, its those independents who can switch sides in a moment is where the real battle is going to be determined.