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Good gamepass content, a bit of a bloated show though.

I have mixed feelings about starfield. Ultimately dissapointing first look but the promise is there. The artstyle didn't excite me, combat didn't excite me, precedural generated content didn't excite me, no story elements excited me.. but the world looks highly detailed, the exploration ambitious and its Bethesda, so I shouldn't have expected a show stopping gameplay demo. Their games are the type that you have to sit down to experience. I remember not getting the hype for Oblivion until I properly dived into the world. Still I'd say my excitement for this game has now moved over to Mass Effect 4

Otherwise stand outs to me were Revenlok & Cacoon. Honestly with the nature of MS showing I think they should go the sony route and just have smaller dedicated shows throughout the year insteading of hyping a 90min show.

I'd give it a 6/10.

7 if it was more condensed and Starfield impressed more.

8 if there were any big surpises

9 if they had Everwild and HellBlade on show with a 2023 confirmed date.

Last edited by Otter - on 12 June 2022