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JWeinCom said:
BasilZero said:

I dont see how its confusing for someone to clear their backlog....besides I like Sonic games (even bad ones like 3D blast lmao).

Edit: When I make commitments, I stick to them - even if its something I dont like to do (i.e. I dont like paying bills but gotta do it still - went with this example because I'm about to make some payments lol).

I'm not going to debate you about it, but if I have a game in my backlog, but I don't think I'll enjoy it, I'll just not play it, or if I do play it, I'll set it aside once I realize I don't like it. The money is gone one way or another, so I don't see the point in forcing myself to play it. If I ordered a pizza and it tasted like shit, I'd just stop eating it. 

Have some decency !

Give the rest to your sh*tty neighbor next time 😏

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