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JWeinCom said:

Is there a reason you're intent on playing old Sonic games that were not reviewed well to begin with and probably haven't aged well? I mean, live your life, but pretty sure there are much better games you could be playing in your free time.

I'm going through my 3DS backlog and after spending 90 hours on one SMT game, another 40 hours on another SMT game and yet another 150+ hours on another RPG game on 3DS - decided to play something shorter and another genre lol.

(I'm also playing these games during my 1 hour lunch break at work Mon-Fri - so not at home where I have access to my other platforms lol).

Anyways, I cant believe how different the 3DS ports of Generations and Lost World are. Its like playing a completely new game lol. I enjoyed Generations and Lost World on PC.

Once I'm done with the Sonic Games - got Shattered Crystal and Fire & Ice next - I'll play another SMT game - next one will be SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Edit: Bought the Sonic games for like $5 each when they went on sale lol

And anyways I am playing other games during my free time at home.

Last edited by BasilZero - on 29 May 2022


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