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EspadaGrim said:

If Indiana Jones is On Gamepass day one then I’ll be fine with it not being exclusive, the problem I have is the development of that game impacting Wolfenstein 3 and also what if they decide to make Indy a franchise and make sequels. If that happens then MachineGames needs to be expanded into two teams immediately.

My take right now is that if MS cannot get a deal on licensed IP’s that is similar to Sony’s deal with Marvel then they shouldn’t bother at all, Spider-Man and Wolverine are full exclusives that won’t even come out on PC.

This deal was signed before MS purchased Bethesda so their hands are tied but I just hope that it’s not a long term deal.

Yeah, I'm not really sure what is going on with that. Machine is among Xbox's smallest AAA devs, they have like 155 devs now and were only at like 120 when Indiana Jones itself was announced. Wolfenstein 3 was clearly planned as of 2017-2019, as it was mentioned in multiple Machine interviews over that time period. The GeForce now leak from last year listed 2 different Machine developed games meanwhile, Project Relic and Indiana Jones, each with different estimated release dates (and Relic releasing first), which seems to suggest that both Indiana Jones and Wolfenstein 3 are currently in development, with Wolfenstein planned to release first. If that is the case, I see a few possibilities:

  1. Indiana Jones is still pre-production with only a small team on it until Wolfenstein 3 releases later this year or early 2023, with most of their 155 devs on Wolfenstein currently
  2. Wolfenstein 3 is being co-developed with another studio, perhaps id, who I believe assisted them with some of the earlier Wolfenstein games due to their small size, with the other studio doing most of the grunt work so that the majority of Machine can focus on Indiana Jones
  3. Indiana Jones is being co-developed with another studio, perhaps one that has more experience with 3rd person story driven action-adventure games, considering Machine's devs have mostly worked on FPS games in the past, not story driven action adventure
Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 28 May 2022