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shikamaru317 said:
Ryuu96 said:

Jez still believes Indiana Jones is multiplatform.

I'm assuming this is either a consequence of the contract being done with LucasArt prior to Microsoft acquiring Bethesda or a consequence of the license, Lucas wanting it multiplatform possibly due to Game Pass, if it's exclusive then it would be safe to assume the majority would play it via Game Pass but if it's multiplatform then millions will still buy it on Playstation.

If this is true it's a massive failing on Xbox's part. Sony is out there with 3 Disney games/IP's as timed or full PS exclusives already; KOTOR Remake, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. If Xbox can't even lock down exclusivity on Indiana Jones to counter what Sony is doing, smh. Phil needs to be willing to release a few exclusives that aren't day one Gamepass if it's creating issues with potential 2nd or 3rd party exclusives, there is no reason why you can't sign a deal to bring the game to Gamepass after like 3-6 months after release instead of it being day one Gamepass if it will sweeten the deal for the 2nd or 3rd party partner and allow you to lock down full or timed exclusivity on the game. The way that Phil runs the Xbox division bugs me more and more these days.

Don't forget Ironman VR