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Darwinianevolution said:
twintail said:

The speculation I've read is that there is a mobile game and a Lego football game which will both take on the naming rights for FIFA.

EA doesn't need it: no one is every going to make a football game that even matches the what they're doing, and I doubt anyone is going to try: it's not worth it financially. 

I'd be shocked if they made the Lego FIFA game, even if it makes sense. If EA doesn't want to pay for the license, how is Lego going to pay it for a title that will attract a much smaller crowd...

I think the price of the license is going to be a lot lower now. In EA's case: it was for exclusivity rights, I guess. 

I also think that is why EA is not even getting the license going forward: it just muddies the water if there are tons of FIFA games. I don't think they need the license, and not using it will allow them to at least have a unique sounding title compared to whatever ends up taking the FIFA license.