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Ryuu96 said:
Ryuu96 said:

These are a few of my ideas.

  • "Create a Thread" button in the Buddy underneath "My Topics | Hot Topics"
  • Expand the number of threads displayed on front page (from 14 to 16?) - We can discuss this.
  • Add settings to allow users to change the number of threads displayed on front page (I.e. 10/12/14/16/18/20).
  • Page sorting on the front page (I.e. Page 1/2/3) for looking for older threads.
  • Increase the points for Thread Creation (from 10 to 30)
  • Authored a Forum Thread is broken (I.e. doesn't give points).

Both of these were fixed and the fixes were retroactive.

Points being handed out for creating threads was actually broken since 2020, Lol.

All those missing points have been added to accounts and since we also increased the points for creating threads from 10 to 30, it was also retroactive so everyone who ever created a thread should have received a boost.

Thanks to Bandorr.

Placing the "Create a Thread" in Buddy is in progress and we'll also see about getting it in the front page too since mobile is fucked but we've no coders with real mobile experience.

The "Create Thread" button has been added. As you can see in the picture It is right next to my topics and hot topics.

The function is there. Curious about the fashion of it.  Mobile, people that move the buddy, that change the size of the buddy etc.

You are bound to love Earthbound.