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shikamaru317 said:

Haven't played either as of yet, Horizon 2 because I want to play it on PS5 instead of PS4 and won't be buying a PS5 until a Slim model is released mid-gen, Elden Ring because I need to wait on like a $20 price tag or Gamepass release before I'm willing to take a risk on a game that may be too hard for me to beat (the only other FromSoft Souls like I have played, Sekiro, was unbeatably hard for me). Considering how much I dislike ultra hard games I will probably like Horizon 2 more, but Elden Ring seems like it might be the better game for me if it had an easy mode, but that will never happen sadly.

I haven't played Sekiro, but from what I understand it was arguably the most difficult game, in large part due to not having levels. 

Any other Souls game you can grind levels and make things a lot easier for you.