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Machiavellian said:

I am going to go on record and say that I do not believe Japan is as important today as investing in all these new markets like China, Korea, India and a few other areas where I see content reaching a certain level. Why chase the white rabbit when you can be a force in the new development so when they start pumping out AAA quality content, you already locked in. If MS really want to sell in Japan, forget about trying to get Japanese dev studios instead partner with Disney and feature a bunch of Series X Disney themed console and it will sell like hot cakes.

But it is not just about Japan, the Xbox 360 was praised in its early years for bringing so much diverse content including + 20 Japanese exclusive games.  You have an avatar from one of the biggest fighter franchises that did amazingly well in the past. During the early Snes era many flocked to the sytem because of SFII. We have a ton of users that even post how they love certain Japanese franchises like the Yakuza games. And the biggest selling game in NA isn't COD but Elden Ring this year.