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Finished Lost Judgment. Absolutely amazing game. Story was raw and tackle a very sensitive topic very well. Felt way more grounded and as a result a little less cinematic, but the grounded story really does make it more focused. I'm glad they added a great amount of side content, was definitely some of the best overall. Some of the classes were annoying, but others were great and I hope they bring they back in some capacity. Even using some of the old Yakuza minigames integrated into this game worked well. Stealth sections were shit though, my God I hated them. Forced investigations in a combat heavy area also broke up the pacing. Hoping this isn't the last of the Judgment series, if it is, what a way to go out. Pending game of the year for me (games that I played this year, not necessarily released this year) replacing Elden Ring.  

Yakuza has replaced Persona as my favorite gaming series. Beat every available game localized on Xbox and even a fair amount on PS when I could not wait for the next game. I only ever started playing this entire series a little over 2 years ago (February 2020). Super hyped for Yakuza 8 and whatever next this studio plans to do. 

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