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This just proves that nothing we do makes a difference, so we might as well try to say "Fuck it." and not give a shit about who owns what or what comes from where. All else I can suggest is wishing Saudi Arabia is hit with a devastating natural disaster that severely hampers their economy, but since that's not as likely to happen I say just go with stop caring.

Kakadu18 said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Your worries will eventually become a reality. Better starting to accept it 

There are laws in place to prevent things like that from happening.

Money talks too loud for those laws to work, especially Saudi money. Might as well accept that Peach will become Mario's punching bag in a burka and Bowser will be made into a horrific caricature of Jews. This is just how the world works and always will work, so why bother trying to fix it anymore?

Zyphe said:

Apparently, Nintendo learned of the stake only from news reports, not internally. Waiting for the Big N for an official response on this.

Wait, what? They didn't have a say in this?

Last edited by CaptainExplosion - on 19 May 2022