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CaptainExplosion said:
BasilZero said:

It was inevitable.

Saudia Arabia's trying to expand to the entertainment industry which includes video games.

To fund more war crimes no doubt.

Since we can't buy any of our favorite games without supporting shit stains like Saudi Arabia then we might as well do whatever the fuck we want regardless of consequences.

This decade has proven that nothing we do matters, because heartless tyrants control our favorite games, endangered species are dropping like flies, rampant disease is everywhere, and soon sea levels will be high enough to drown most of us. If a big fucking asteroid hit the Earth I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Goodbye optimism, hello accepting that the world is a doomed ball of shit and nothing will change that. To think Sucky Assrapia buying into Nintendo so they could turn Samus into a man and put Peach in a burka is what it took for me to see that.

Not to rain on your pessimism parade but by Japanese regulations of the market, foreign investors have almost basically no seat and say at the tables for whatever Nintendo does. Nintendo themselves owns more than 51% of their stocks and if SA were to owning up to 10% or more, there could be an investigation by Japanese market authorities.

Basically, there way more more protective than what you see elsewhere

So before you commit to anymore fallacy you can rest assure about your video game purity remaining as it is.

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