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6/66 of your threads have been locked.

  • 1 for NSFW language in the title.
  • 1 was simply you reporting a Spambot so it didn't need to remain open.
  • 1 was locked to tell you to create it in another forum topic.

That leaves 3 left.

Locked: Playstation 3 SLIM just been CONFIRMED.

This has no reason given which a Mod should do, I'm going to assume it was due to someone already creating a thread on the topic though.

Locked: Now Microsoft conference is over. PS3 officially GRAPHICS KING!!!!!

This has no reason given, the Mods should have done so but if I were to guess, I'd assume they'd have believed it to be a little on the console war bait side.

Locked: Not only is the Wii bubble going to burst but it will EXPLODE!!!!

This was the thread which Mods told you to move to Gaming, as for why it was locked the 2nd time, I don't know, since they allowed you to keep it open the first time, they even told you to create it elsewhere so they definitely didn't lock it because it was already being discussed elsewhere.


You don't have to worry about threads created for news being locked unless they've already been posted as individual threads.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 19 May 2022