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Serious_frusting said:
Ryuu96 said:

Bold isn't true at all...

In fact in my entire history of being on this site I've never seen a thread locked because it was discussed in a Nation thread, Lol.

A lot of stuff discussed in Nation threads have dozens of comments in the Articles created on the same subject too. Users are clearly discussing the stuff in Articles still and not threads because nobody makes threads on the subject matters to begin with, Lol.

People have to actually make the threads first, one time it was Curl soloing all the thread creation, I made a lot of threads recently, it shouldn't be down to just a few people though, we've all got to chip in, there was a time where all 3 Nation threads were massively more popular than they are today and the forums were also thriving overall.

I used to make threads all the time and stopped for the very reason that they kept getting closed because those topics were "Already being discussed".

I can tell you that the reason for that was almost definitely not because the topic was being discussed in the Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo mega threads, I've never seen that happen and it would be stupid for any Mod to do that.

What is more likely is that it was locked because there was already a thread on the specific subject matter or it could have been a thread on a topic which had a lot of activity (I.E. in terms of threads) so the Mods decided to move the discussion to a centralised location to curb the 'spam'

An example could be, we have a official thread for Elden Ring and users start creating individual threads for their impressions, if we start getting a bunch of threads for each users impression then that's a bit overwhelming/spammy, don't want every thread on the front page to be "Elden Ring Impressions!" so we could tell the user to instead post their thoughts in the official thread.

I don't know what happened in your case but I can tell you that I as OP of Xbox Empire would never lock someone's thread because it was discussed in my thread first, in fact, I've made a lot of threads on the subject matters I've posted in Xbox Empire.